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The Working Man's Crying Eyes

6/21/12 Spent most of the day in the yard working in 100 degree weather but the market was red hot inside as well. Financials, Energy, Materials, Tech all took a real beating. This sell seemed to be the selloff expected for the last few days but throw in a downgrade of all the banks and look out below. Bought a little more HNR at 5.05 but whoa was I early.


HNR 4.88 CMI 91.35

CLF 48.31 JPM 35.45

DAN 12.66 CEVA 17.16

Gold, Silver also terrible days but the VIX didn't rise as briskly as I expected. Much to my disappointment because that was part of my hedge. Extremely light volume should be noted as well. (not even 800 million on the dow)