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IPath...AAPL's Path Towards $1,000/Share!

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

"Stay hungry; stay foolish"...that was how Steve ended his Stanford commencement speech in 2005. Given the boring state of the market right now with cash waiting to be deployed, why not write a "foolish" article? I'll dedicate this article to those who PM'd me suggesting that I should use more "controversial" titles on my articles!

I've always wondered what could propel AAPL (products & service wise) to hit new highs year after year assuming they continue to be financially and operationally efficient. Here are my top 10 foolish thoughts:

1. They should buy SIRI; currently with a market cap of $6.3B. It is about time we get rid of all those annoying stereo and GPS controls in our cars! Replace that part of the dash with an iPad that will serve as a GPS, stereo, communication hub, and entertainment center! This will disrupt the GPS and car audio industry! Throw in Beats speakers by Monster and even my Odyssey becomes a pimpin ride! SIRI satellites to beam data and content; no need for carrier dependence! $50/mo plan per device gets me one sweet system!

It would be cool if every brand new car came with manuals in an iPad and for to you use the very same iPad as the GPS/Stereo and Entertainment system!

2. Push for game development using iPads or iPhones or iPods as controllers. My kids carry the iWhatever all the time. It would be cool for them to just "plug and play" via AirPlay and AAPL TV all the major games anywhere!

3. Online gaming via iCloud. Just like Xbox or PS3 right now. Except...who needs controllers or kinect sensors when you got your iPad, iPhones or iPods to use?

4. No more textbooks! As I've posted before here and here, it appears that AAPL inadvertently became a tree hugger too! This is one sleeper segment! Stream a lecture via Airplay....a teacher can teach anywhere!

5. No more landlines! With Facetime (better camera and display) and iMessage; who needs to pay for a landline? Conference call using an operator? So Flinstone like! Boardrooms with iPads! Presentations using AirPlay (of course, with Numbers and et al)!

6. iGadgets to control the TV, house alarm, utilities, the oven, etc...

7. iCloud to stream unlimited movies/programs on demand. Goodbye Netflix, cable guys and video stores! $50/month! I don't know about you...but despite all the dang channels I have, I can't find anything interesting to watch consistently! Why can't TV channels/programs be like apps?

8. iAd. Yup, we sure got them now...but seriously, the effort hasn't been there! If GOOG can do phones; AAPL should be able to do ads (I'd prefer them to be selective).

9. iAmazon. LOL...why not? specialized apps for each retail outlet and getting a cut from it!

10. iEverywhere. Data (price and availability) has always been my beef with mobile technology. Try changing countries and every friggin phone company wants to rape you! Given the slowly eroding dependency on voice (or being able to do VOIP), why can't AAPL build and run its own data provider?

Ahh...the beauty of many possibilities! Got other ideas? Please share!

OK, I've woken up and I'm back to reality!

After Apple's education initiative was released...