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Gold Video of the Day: Gold Rush?

Clearly, the line of reasoning laid out here by one Zach Karabell cries out for some lesser ranking than The Stupid File. Any fund manager who prefaces his "analysis" with "I'm just like Warren Buffett" should, of course, be jailed. Yes, who can understand those irrational, fearful gold bugs? As if gold had been a standard of value for 6,000 years. Well, actually he does understand that "gold is only going to maintain its worth for so long..." - maybe another 6,000 years?But wait - there's lots more. He acknowledges that "maybe you could make money hitching your wagon to it". But who would want to do that and risk appearing irrational? He concludes with the jaw-droppingly moronic observation that, if gold is going to go up 50% by year-end, he can name 5 stocks that have gone up 50% in the last three months. Meaning...uh...cue the crickets...if gold isn't going up 50% by year-end, he can't name those stocks? Or he's found an exchange where one can trade in the past?Of course, markets need people to take both sides of trades and for that, we can be thankful for traders who base their position on hero-worship and an utter lack of grasp on the obvious. But if you have money with this man, you might want to review your allocation.