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Gold Video of the Day: Americans Will Flock Into $5,000 Gold and $500 Silver

A long, objective view of the state of the world in general and the US economy in particular, compels certain conclusions. The US has lived beyond its means for some time. The power to buy votes in a "democracy" via taxation and income redistribution has delayed the unpleasant consequences. But no more. The pervasive nature of modern communications has enlightened the rest of the world - and the rest of the world is PO'd. Are we headed inevitably toward globalization? Or a new Fortress America?

Today's video won't answer those questions - but may force you to contemplate them. The folks at the catchily titled National Inflation Association (what must those meetings be like?) have done their usual visually arresting summary of our sorry state of affairs. Of course, $5000 gold will be immensely popular to the sheeple. But if you wait till then to buy...

McSushi doesn't sound so bad - and why the gratuitous slap at American Idol? Enjoy the rundown, and buy gold dips. Silver too.