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Here's How To Prevent Total Portfolio Income Failure

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You remember him, don't you?

Smokey The Bear appeared regularly on television to caution us, "Only you can prevent forest fires".

In the same vein, no one cares more about your money and your ultimate success preparing for you retirement than you do. Only you can prevent total portfolio income failure. The Real Time Portfolio Tracker can help.

Can you afford to retire today? Is this you?

Or would you rather this was you?

Most folks would choose to feel this way in retirement.

Very few of us today are fortunate to have a defined benefit pension to look forward to when we retire. It's all fallen upon us as individuals to somehow come up with a way to supplement our very meager Social Security checks.

 The Real Time Portfolio Tracker  is your key to unlocking your portfolio data so you can see what your entire portfolio dividend income is, and how you  can grow it in the future.

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The Real Time Portfolio Tracker is built to help you track your portfolio in real time, discover accidentally high yield situations and to organize your portfolio in real time. It  automates much of your research for you.

Long Story Short

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The Real Time Portfolio Tracker, used by thousands of your fellow readers and subscribers, will update in real time all day long and feed you data on your tickers, including current stock price, price you paid, current dividend yield, how much you invested in each stock in your portfolio, its current value, the value percentage change, your yield on cost, the amount of annual income generated from each equity as well as the total portfolio and the percent you've invested in each stock. In addition, you'll see what percent of income comes from each stock, your capital gain on each stock as well as total capital gain on the entire portfolio.

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Use It To Research Your Next Stock Purchase

You can use this digital tracker as a comparative research tool, to measure different outcomes of several different stocks. The same few inputs made on each stock will give a wealth of information that will enable you to compare the eventual dividend income outcomes of various companies. 

Armed with this very detailed and clear information, it becomes possible to make better investment decisions for those of us who are concerned about matching our income with eventual expenses in retirement and always staying a step ahead of inflation.

Final Thoughts

Investors who dismiss the pernicious effects of inflation do so at their own peril. The pervasive loss of purchasing power that it inflicts can turn a comfortable $500,000.00 nest egg into a scrambled egg, just twenty or thirty years into the future. Investing to stay ahead of inflation will keep this bogeyman away.

About This Digital Tool

The Real Time Portfolio Tracker is a web-enabled application and does not require any additional software on your device. It works on all platforms, operating systems, computers, tablets and smart phones. You can track common stocks, CEFs, BDCs, REITs and MLPs, American, Canadian and British, all in real time. There is no charge for the data that comes to you in real time.

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Disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future success.

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