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Read This Before You Make Your  2018 IRA Contribution Today

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New Year, New IRA Contributions

We've heard it so often, it's coming out of both ears at once; invest early, invest often, and invest as much as you can if you want a comfortable, secure retirement.

The investing early part is what I want to address as we begin a brand new year, today, New Year's Day.

IRA Contributions Survived Tax Reform

With all the changes in the new tax law, and so many deductions that many of us lost, we must be grateful that at least we didn't lose the tax deductibility of traditional IRAs. For those of us under 50 years of age, this provides us with a $5500 deduction each year from our gross income. Those over 50 years of age  get a catch-up contribution and we can contribute up to $6500 per year. Depending upon your income tax bracket, this could result in a savings of thousands of dollars each year that you don't have to pay Uncle Sam.

Those savings, if used wisely, can be deposited in our regular, taxable brokerage accounts and used to buy additional dividend stocks to grow our income even faster. This is the double whammy effect that smart investors utilize to get to their goals sooner with more dollars.

Make Your IRA Contribution Now To Get The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Not only is it important to begin the saving and investing habit early in life, it's just as important that we apply this mantra to doing so at the very beginning of each and every brand new year.

The sooner we make our IRA contributions, the sooner we can put that money to work for us. The sooner it's working, the sooner we benefit from the compounding effect that dividend growth investing offers us.

Many Ways To Invest

As we all know, there are many ways to invest your hard-earned money. Some like to keep it hidden under their pillow, or in a vault, yearning for complete security but earning no return.

Others invest with a tilt towards growth, while still others focus their attention on income. Dividend growth investors train their attention on growing their income. Vigilant dividend growth investors look to grab value from temporary market dislocations, or stock mispricing. This style of investing combines value investing with dividend growth for a double whammy that super-charges an investor's initial yield along with constant growth of dividend income.

I am a vigilant dividend growth investor. It's not for everyone, of course. But it could be for you.

While speculators have their fun (or jump off the roof when the market moves prices against them), we have better things to do. We invest in companies that pay us real cash every month, or every three months. And the more they raise those cash dividends, the higher their stock prices go. 

We are not traders or speculators that invest in shiny coins that don't even exist since their only existence is in the form of one's and o's (1,0) on anonymous computers. And even staunch advocates of Bitcoin acknowledge they can be easily stolen even if you stick yours in a virtual wallet.

While the price of Bitcoin swings wildly, let’s not forget there are other, more reliable ways to make a lot of money out there.

My favorite strategy is something I like to call "vigilant dividend growth investing".

This investment technique works no matter what happens to cryptocurrencies.

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The Tortoise Always Wins The Race

You've heard it a thousand times, at least. "Slow and steady wins the race". The tulip craze in Holland in the 1600's taught us how far people would go to make a quick buck, then lose their life savings trying to do so.

Today, Bitcoin is all the rage, and thousands of investors have already lost their shirts after they paid $20,000.00 for one shiny coin, only to see its value drop to $11,000.00 in just a few days.

While your hairdresser and plumber quit their day jobs, trade bitcoin and tell you their wildest stories of wealth creation, it's hard to keep your distance from all the excitement. Let me remind you; fall victim to these types of fads, investing in shiny coins with no intrinsic value, can cost you a whole life of savings. It's all about the "bigger fool theory". Those buying Bitcoin today are simply hoping they can sell it to the next, bigger fool for more than they paid for it yesterday. Those who paid $20,000 for it last week are licking their wounds, having lost more than 45% of their wealth in just a few days. Is this any way to prepare for your retirement?

Ready To Grow Your Wealth and Income Dependably?

If you want to learn the secrets of growing your wealth and income slowly but surely, and growing it securely, keep reading. You'll discover that one of these methods is as simple as being vigilant and buying temporarily out of favor, beaten up stocks. I'm talking about companies we all use, like AT&T or Verizon, for instance.

Instead of getting a 5% yield, you can get yourself a 15% yield. If you use the right tools and act quickly, you can increase and sometimes triple your income, for life. Now that would make your retirement a reality, a lot sooner and a lot easier, wouldn't it?

So many of you liked the idea of tracking your portfolio in real time for $69.99; Even more of you  loved it at just $39.99!

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Want More Income For Retirement?

K.I.S.S. your assets goodbye and swap them for income producers!

No, not that type of Kiss! I'm talking about the acronym we often use here on Seeking Alpha. K.I.S.S = Keep it simple, stupid!

Simple Applications Lead To Simply Great Trades And Income

You can read today's brand new article, "Yummy, Yummy:DineEquity Serves It Up With All The Fixins" for a clear demonstration of how this powerful digital tool leads me to historically, temporarily depressed stock prices which always bring historically heightened dividend yields which enormously boosts your annual income.

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The yield has already fallen to 12% in a few days' time. If the price continues to rise at the rate it has this past week, the yield will contract to 10% in no time. Should CenturyLink rise back to the $32.00 range, the yield will be 6.75%, just a bit higher than AT&T's yield a few weeks back.

Read the above new article to discover the many new positive catalysts that may propel the stock to that possible upside.

Here's how simple it can really be to grow and increase your income. We took note of a very obvious trend developing in the markets over this past year. It seemed everyone had come to the conclusion that Amazon (AMZN) was going to beat all retailers at their game and be the only retailer left standing (or floating in the clouds).

Knowing this was obviously a false conclusion, we stalked Tanger Outlets (SKT) until it had been beaten to a pulp, marked down 40% from its 52 week high. That's when we pounced and established our starting position at $22.67 for our newsletter subscribers to Retirement: One Dividend At A Time.

As I write this, shares of SKT are changing hands at $26.36. Just four weeks after we became business partners with this specialty niche mall retailer, we've helped subscribers and readers to a 16.3% capital gain.

My most popular digital app, the Real Time Portfolio Tracker helped guide me towards this trade and the 6.01% dividend yield we obtained from it.

Much of my work is devoted to taking complicated concepts, words and systems and breaking them down so that anyone can understand them.

Please read last week's new article, "Confessions of A Serial Stock Predator"  if you wish to see how simple we address complicated concepts and turn them to your advantage. In it, we discuss the tipping point the country seems to have reached as more women are finding their voices and joining the #MeToo movement. I think you'll find it interesting how I demonstrate parallels of this important moment to my investment style. Hundreds of readers have already felt moved to comment on the controversy surrounding this important article. Contribute your thoughts today, please.

Over 160,000 readers on Seeking Alpha alone read my recent piece, "Retire Smarter: Big Social Security Changes For 2018 And FTG Portfolio Supplements" because I keep things simple and informative. With the huge increase in the Medicare premium and stingy 2% Social Security increase, this article has taken on ever more urgency.

Get Rich Quick? Forget About it!

If you're only interested in Bitcoins or other such get-rich-quick schemes, don't bother reading any further. But if you're interested in getting rich slowly through investment in safe, dependable and reliable dividend growth stocks, please read on.

The Real Time Portfolio Tracker

The Real Time Portfolio Tracker has been helping thousands of investors like you to monitor their portfolios in real time during the trading day. Built for investors who buy companies to share in profits through a growing dividend stream, it has helped to identify:

  1. Temporarily dislocated stock prices.
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  3. Monitor current prices on your stock tickers all day.
  4. How much you invested in each company.
  5. How much that investment is currently valued at.
  6. Your percentage capital gain or loss.
  7. Your current dividend yield on each ticker in the portfolio.
  8. The yield on cost for each position.
  9. How much income you earn from each equity and total portfolio income.
  10. The percentage investment allocation you've made to each ticker.
  11. The percentage of income that each ticker contributes to the portfolio.
  12. The dollar capital gain on each ticker as well as the entire portfolio.

Monitoring Your Portfolio For Advantage

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No Software Required

This powerful digital tool does not require you to have any software on your computer. It is totally self-contained, works in real time and requires no effort on your part.

No Math Skills Required

Sometimes users are put off by software that requires mathematical or programming skills. You'll find none of these challenges with this tool. I've built all the algorithms into it so that no figuring or mathematical skill is required of you. If you can enter a ticker symbol and the amount of shares you own, you're good to go!

No Set-Up Hassles

Some tools take hours to set up and make you jump through hoops just to get it going. Not the Real Time Portfolio Tracker. Simply click one button in the email file I'll send you, and you're automatically up and running!

Works On All Platforms

This tool works on all computers, all platforms, all tablets, all smartphones.

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