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Want Income That Triples Inflation? Buy This Stock

|About: EPR Properties (EPR)

The government keeps reminding us that inflation is running below the 2% rate that has been the Fed's target for several years. 

The inflation rate is our target as well. We use it to target companies to include in our portfolio. And those we choose are the ones we feel have shown the ability and inclination to pay us dividend increases that exceed the rate of inflation. 

Doing this assures that we retain the buying power of our dollars going forward.

EPR Properties (EPR), a long term holding of ours, did this for us, once again.

EPR Dividend Increase Triples The Inflation Rate

  • EPR Properties (NYSE:EPR) declared a $0.36/share monthly dividend. This is a 5.9% increase from the prior dividend of $0.34 per month.
  • The forward yield based on current prices is 7.25%
  • The dividend is payable Feb. 15; for shareholders of record Jan. 31; ex-div Jan. 30.

This is how we continue to build, grow and protect dividend income for our subscribers' retirement.

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  • We are the #1 ranked newsletter in the Retirement category.
  • RODAT Subscriber Portfolio starting value: $500,000.00.
  • Current portfolio value: $728,723  for growth of 45.7%.
  • Current annual dividend income: $32,106
  • Current portfolio yield: 6.35%.
  • Charter member yield on cost: 6.70%.
  • Current cash position: $214,228 ready to deploy as dry powder when opportunity presents to grow income further.
  • Capital growth of the portfolio, including realized capital gains, unrealized capital gains, dividends and covered call premiums: $249,673.

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Disclosure: I am/we are long EPR.