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I Could Hear The Air Leaking Out Of The Bubble

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Only yesterday, after markets kept registering new record highs almost on a daily basis, I addressed the need to be prepared for the bubble bursting. After all, nothing goes up in a straight line, forever. What goes up, must come down.

Because the air could be heard leaking out of the bubble yesterday, last night I sent out my high-priority watch list to all of my subscribers. It contains several equities with my target entry prices, current dividend rate and the dividend yields that will be achieved if those target prices are reached.

O.K., so you don't chew gum anymore

O.K., so you don't chew gum anymore and this is not a concern for you. 

How about this bubble burst? Is this a concern for you?

The markets have not suffered so much as a 5% pullback in over a year.

All three major stock market gauges finished last Friday at new record highs for the fourth straight week in a row. We had lift off for most of 2017 and 2018 has seen the major stock market indices up 7% to 8% already.

At this rate, making 1000 point strides in a matter of days, traders will push the Dow up to 50,000 by Spring!

The Old Saw

You know the old saw. As January goes, so goes the year. In other words, if January is up, the year will close positively. This has been the case for over 80 years. When the markets close up in January, 87% of the time the year closes in positive territory.

Furthermore, when January rises 7% or more, the year usually shows a gain of 17% or more. Once, we saw a gain of 31% under these circumstances.

What About Those Bursting Bubbles?

So, why am I talking about bursting bubbles? It's simple. Just because history indicates a proclivity of positive yearly gains when January shows a gain, this does not preclude the possibility that volatility makes a comeback. This means we might experience some bumpy roads along the way. For income investors, looking to grow their income, this spells opportunity ahead.

That opportunity may have just begun as the Dow Jones Industrial Average collapsed 177 points at Monday's close. And the other major stock market gauges all closed with very similar percentage losses.

Get Your Watch List Ready

Get your watch list ready for the all the bargains that will develop once the bubble finally bursts.

Just last night, I sent out my high-priority watch list to all of my subscribers. It contains several equities with my target entry prices, current dividend rate and the dividend yields that will be achieved if those target prices are reached.

Remember, I'm not predicting this bull market is about to end. I'm simply suggesting that this nine-year-long bull has been charging ahead with practically no rest. It is logical to presume that it may be ready at some point to take a breather. Even a bull needs a little snooze, now and then.

And when it does, the bursting of the bubble may be small, medium or large. When it finally bursts, those investors who have prepared their watch lists with beneficial target entry prices, will be the ones to profit the most from this opportunity.

As you'll recall, growth stocks outperformed value stocks by a handy margin last year. Over the long haul, value stocks outshine growth stocks. Eventually, growth stocks will come in and revert to the mean, and value stocks that pay and grow dividends will shine once again.

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Prepare Your Watchlist: Profit From The Bubble Burst

Make a list of those stocks you've been wanting to add to your portfolio. But don't resort to old-school paper and pencil. A reader commented the other day that he was using a paper ledger and pencil to track his watch list candidates and all his dividends.

Get with it, man. This is the 21st century and we have new digital tools to make your job a lot easier and a lot more fun!

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Want More?

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