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Volatility, Va Va Va Voom!

|Includes: AMZN, CTL, IBM, MSFT, O, OHI, AT&T Inc. (T), VGR, VZ

A whirlwind of volatility has investors not knowing whether they're comin' or goin'.

It's so confusing for many, they find themselves singing that old tune by The Clash, "Should I Stay Or Should I Go".

They simply can't figure out if there's life left in this nine-year-old bull market, or if the party's over and they should pick up their pick-up sticks. Since my strategy focuses on income, and growing that income, the direction the market takes on a day to day basis is immaterial to me. Read on, and I'll explain.

The Vix And Market Direction

Here's a good one for you. The VIX index, which is a measure of where investors believe future volatility is headed, declined by 4% Monday, to a reading of 18.73.

And the Dow Jones Industrial Average responded by shooting 337 points higher.

Perhaps the market, has had a couple of days to digest "Trade wars are a good thing, and they're easy to win", as the president informed us, twice last week. And Wilbur Ross, his commerce secretary, was all over the talk shows on Sunday, trying to persuade anyone who would listen that a 25% tariff on foreign steel and a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum is "no big deal".  He said the cost of a can of coke wouldn't rise more than a penny, and the cost of a new car would hardly increase either.

Meanwhile, members of the Democratic party and members of the president's own party, including speaker Paul Ryan, weighed in and tried to convince the tariff-commander in chief that trade wars are never good for anyone.

Foreign leaders tried to convey the same message, but in much more angry tones. China's trade minister said that China would retaliate by putting large tariffs on Harley Davidson motorcycles, bourbon and Levi jeans.

Prime Minister May of the U.K. shot back and made it clear that our allies would also take retaliatory action by imposing tariffs on our goods that ship to their countries. Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada joined the chorus, loudly complaining that imposing tariffs on U.S. allies made no sense and would be met by retaliation throughout the world.

Trade War, Anyone?

It seemed that U.S. stock markets were having none of this war talk, and preferred to get the bull back on track, for a day at least.

These daily volleys between countries and macro events are no longer a large concern to me. How they drive prices only matters if they drive those prices down to my watch list entry prices. That's what determines my yield and ultimate income.

Monitor Your Portfolio For Opportunity

We were very busy this past week, taking advantage of panicked investors who were dumping their perfectly good stock for bargain basement prices. When prices go down, dividend yield goes up, plain and simple. Yesterday's price action fed a whole lot of capital gain into our subscriber portfolios as last week's depressed entry prices set up excellent low prices and accidentally high yield points for us.

A Little Wisdom Goes A Long Way

Because I've gained a modicum of wisdom from my experience investing in the markets for over 55 years, I've learned the delicate balancing act between emotions and rational thinking. I've also learned that once you incorporate this skill, you have a great advantage over inexperienced as well as professional investors.

Income investors looking to profit from this ongoing panic can monitor their portfolios in real time, as we did, and spot the bargains as they occur. We bought quite a few bargains this past week, with the help of the Real Time Portfolio Tracker.

Blood In The Streets

Tools That Cool The Emotions

Investors need tools that help them keep their cool through unsettling events like these. The biggest risk to investors is panicking unnecessarily. Once emotions overtake him, the investor is at the mercy of what other investors are dictating by their own panic selling inclinations.

The best weapon that investors can include in their arsenal, to protect them from irrational acts is a Real Time Portfolio Tracker to keep them in touch with their portfolios in real time. Instead of panicking, the investor can get a quick read on his investments and look for bargains that can easily increase his income, just like we did several times this past week.

When stock prices fall, the dividend yield rises. This is where the smart investor gains advantage over his fellow investors who can't see a good bargain staring them in the face. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Take the gifts that are given to you.

Ready To Grow Your Wealth and Income Dependably?

If you want to learn the secrets of growing your wealth and income slowly but surely, and growing it securely, keep reading. You'll discover that one of these methods is as simple as being vigilant and buying temporarily out of favor, beaten up stocks. I'm talking about companies we all use, like AT&T or Verizon, for instance.

Instead of getting a 5% yield, you can get yourself a 15% yield. If you use the right tools and act quickly, you can increase and sometimes triple your income, for life. Now that would make your retirement a reality, a lot sooner and a lot easier, wouldn't it?

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