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What 'Cha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

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This just happened on Friday.

Are You And Your Portfolio Ready For Monday's Opening Bell?

On Friday, The Larry Kudlow Put turned into the Larry Kudlow Rout.

$50 billion in trade tariffs against China became $150 billion on Thursday night as the president was miffed by the Chinese retaliation to our initial $50 billion in tariffs.

As this trade spat spirals out of control and threatens an all-out trade war, dividend investors need more weapons to survive intact, now, more than ever.

Get in touch, and stay in touch with your portfolio investments in real time, before it's too late.

After a short respite and rise of 241 Dow points Thursday, just hours later, the president threatened to triple the tariffs on China and Dow Futures sunk 400 points, immediately. The Dow fell over 700 points, yet our Fill-The-Gap Portfolio was up once again as investors gravitate towards treasury bonds and safe haven dividend stocks that we hold.

600 and 700 point swings in the Dow Jones Industrials have become common and many investors are on edge. Lately, the market has been swinging by multiple hundreds of points in either direction, up or down, almost every day.

What's an investor to do?

If you give yourself permission to transition, from a price-focused investor to a long-term dividend-focused investor, you can say goodbye to all the anxiety you've been feeling lately. That 572 point Dow drop on Friday can become a thing of just passing interest.

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A very recent article published Wednesday morning, All-Out Trade War Looms - These Dividend Stocks Remain A Hedge”, gives readers further color as to how I utilize the Real Time Portfolio Tracker to select dividend stocks that help insulate investors from geopolitical headwinds. I invite you to read this important article.

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Thursday's new article, "I'll See Your $50 Billion And Raise You $50 Billion" highlights the resiliency of dividend stocks and how they outperform the broad market in periods of heightened volatility. Please take a moment to read it and add your comments.

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Get Rich Quick? Forget About it!

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George Schneider

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