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Fill-The-Gap Portfolio Highlights: Is It Filling The Gap?

|About: Kimco Realty Corporation (KIM), LTC, PM, ROKU, Includes: AMZN, DUK, O, OHI, SO, T, TSLA, VZ

The Fill-The-Gap Portfolio was created 3 1/2 years ago to fill the wide gap between your Social Security benefit and actual expenses in retirement.

How has it been fulfilling that goal lately?

Have you incorporated recent recommendations into your own portfolio?

Let's take a peek at recent performance, including both capital appreciation and dividend income growth.

The last couple of months, we initiated 8 new positions in the Fill-The-Gap Portfolio, the ongoing and very transparent portfolio you've followed for the past 3 1/2 years on Seeking Alpha. As you can see from the table below, seven of the eight have shown capital appreciation.

Our one decliner has been our small position in HMNY. On Monday, June 11 near the close of trading, this stock is jumping, up 6%, on good news concerning its new movie, American Animals. It bought distribution and ownership rights in this, their first venture outside of the MoviePass service.

Initial sales at four theaters where it opened were very encouraging according to those in the movie business. They will have it in 600 theaters in a couple of weeks. It could provide a good source of revenue, helping to underpin their MoviePass subscription business.

Our gainers have ranged from appreciation of 2.37% on our Kimco (KIM) position to 20.10% on our LTC Properties (LTC) position.

As of June 8, 2018

I encourage you to click the above table to enlarge it and closely inspect our recent progress.

ROKU Enters New Territory

Having purchased two, one hundred share lots of Roku (ROKU) for an average price of $35.30, on June 11 the stock has convincingly smashed through the $40 level and is trading at $41.48, up 6% on the day as I write this. This $6.18 per share gain in just a few weeks time represents capital appreciation of 17.50%, or $1236 in capital gain, enough to pay for two years of our subscription. Many analysts, in recent weeks, have changed course on Roku. They've done a 180 degree turn, going from a short recommendation to joining me in a long recommendation. Upside of 25%, to the $50 range is doable based on projected gains in revenues and earnings going forward.

Capital Gains

Even including our one loss, we are showing $2376.00 in capital gains on the eight positions as of June 8, and more gains since then.

Dividend Growth

Most importantly to us, as income investors, these new positions have added $3112.00 to our annual portfolio income. With seven months to go in 2018 and plenty of dry powder in our coffers, we look forward to continued growth of our dividend income, both from new purchases and organic dividend growth from our current holdings.

Organic Dividend Growth

To this point, our latest organic dividend growth is coming from our holding in Philip Morris (PM) which just recently announced a 6.5% raise in its dividend.

Have You Been Participating?

I hope that you have participated in these new additions in a way that proportionately mirrors the Fill-The-Gap Portfolio as to capital appreciation and income growth.

If you are satisfied with this performance since you've followed us, as well as the long-term capital and income growth and performance this portfolio has provided since it was launched for readers in December, 2014, I would ask that you consider a free, two-week trial to our Seeking Alpha newsletter, Retire 1 Dividend At A Time.

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