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The Geo Group Poised To Benefit From “Zero Tolerance” Policy

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Prison operators GEO Group (GEO +0.8%) and CoreCivic (CXW +1%), both contributors to Republican campaigns, stand to profit from President Trump's "zero tolerance" policy on illegal immigration that has resulted in thousands of undocumented immigrants being held in detention centers, Bloomberg reports.

The Department of Homeland Security is looking at expanding capacity for 15,000 more people in family detention centers compared with current capacity of about 3,200.

GEO, the biggest private prison operator, has a family residential center in Karnes County, TX, while CoreCivic has a facility for families in Dilley, TX. GEO runs 11 immigrant processing centers and CoreCivic runs eight.

The two companies have made more than $2.5M in combined political donations since 2015, Bloomberg says.

According to the National Immigrant Justice Center, about 70% of immigrant detainees are held in facilities owned by private companies.”

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As promised, this has turned out to be another exciting week on Wall Street.

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