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Main Street Capital Feeds Us Enormous Capital

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Main Street Capital (MAIN) keeps doing its job. Steady earnings growth enables the company to keep feeding us our dividends like clock-work.

On June 15, we were paid the regular monthly dividend of $.19 per share.

Dividend Double Header

June 26, MAIN paid us what has become a regular, semi-annual extra dividend of $.275. This represents almost 1 1/2 months of extra dividends, paid to us twice a year, for a total of 3 extra months of dividend pay.

GEO Extends It’s Run

In a stunning performance, the Geo Group (GEO) is giving a second act, a repeat of yesterday's first act. After yesterday's more than 3% gain, the stock is ahead another 2%+ in today's trade on greater than normal volume.

investors continue to wake up to the idea that ICE and the Federal Bureau Of Prisons turns to the private prison industry to fill 3/4 of the beds it needs to house the refugee population coming in through the southern border, serving as temporary housing until their cases for asylum can be heard.

MoviePass On The Move

HELIOS AND Matheson Analytics (HMNY) is on the move again today after yesterday's rebound. Currently ahead 50%, shorts are covering their a—es to limit their losses, while longs are taking some well deserved profits, seeing the stock rise from $.18 per share to $.35 today. Almost a 100% gain for those seeing the reverse split coming around the pike.

My guess is the company will go for a 1-250 reverse split. This means, those who currently own 1000 shares would, after the split, would own 4 shares, each of which would be valued at $75.00 per share.

The company was served notice by Nasdaq that they must get the price of their shares above $1.00 before December, 2018 in order to avoid de-listing.

A reverse split would accomplish this overnight and keep it trading on Nasdaq, a vital and visible trading platform.

FTG and RODAT Portfolios

Both portfolios are trading in tandem with the broad S&P index as of this writing, up .62%.

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