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Time To Catch A Volatility Butterfly?

There are many strategies to gain from volatility whether one considers directional bets or those that can benefit from futures curve strategies.

Late last week the CBOE Volatility Index saw a meaningful reversal to the upside as evidenced in the chart below.


As a result of the upward spike in the volatility index price, the associated futures curve for CBOE VIX saw an upward shift. The shape of the curve may present what may be an interesting short term trade opportunity to engage in a Butterfly strategy that would go Long 1xFeb-12, Short 2xMar-12 and Long 1xApr-12 contracts.

In short the trade succeeds if the curve becomes less concave implying that the relative gain of the Long wings is greater than that of the twice Short torso of the strategy.

Source: Point Guard Capital LLC and CBOE

As one can see the curve is steepest at the front end of the curve presenting the opportunity to engage in a Butterfly strategy. The one-month static roll yield is -7.64% between Feb-12 and Mar-12 contract based on settled value as of 2/10/2012.

Note that the trade duration is relatively short term (3-days as we near settlement of the nearest contract on 2/15/2012). If there was more of a shelf life there could be the potential to gain from roll yield and having a close to "market neutral" position in the underlying instrument.

Only investors with a short-term and high risk appetite need apply such a strategy. There may be other opportunities that present themselves over time that may have a longer shelf life. However, it may behoove one to at least set up a relevant screen that may help track similar curve opportunities.

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