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MSCI Europe index offers a decent investment return

|Includes: UPV, Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF (VGK)
MSCI Emerging Market index is 50% overvalued. Index investors looking for decent returns need to focus on the developed markets.

The likely return of the MSCI Europe index for the next five years is 8.1% per year. The index offers a comfortable risk premium of 5.89% over 5 year German government bond yield of 2.21%. In fact, already the dividend yield (4.6%) of the index is twice the bond yield.

The chart below show the MCap/GDP multiple of each index component versus the average multiple of the last 10 years.

Source: IMF

The weighted average MCap/GDP multiple of the index is very near of the long-term average - the index is fairly valued.

The investment return is determined by dividends, growth and valuation change:

Investment return = Dividend + Growth + Valuation Change

Factoring in the dividend of 4.6% and the 5 year weighted average growth of 3,5% results into 8,1% investment return.

All in all, MSCI Europe is a fairly valued index, which offers a decent return. The downside risk is limited by a healthy dividend.

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