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Blackberry - What I Know/Think Today

|Includes: BlackBerry Ltd. (BB)

I don't claim to be a savvy, in the know, investor. I am just a normal, hard working person trying to invest my hard-earned money to the best of my ability. I have been in the Financial / Insurance / Health Care industry in an information technology position for almost 20 years in varying positions from Clerk, Supervisor, Business Analyst and Project Manager. I know business from the bottom up.

I have seen technology come a very long way from the pre-fax era to now, hand-held mobile computing devices that will eventually run our lives, and it has been an amazing journey in a relative short period of time.

I felt compelled to sit down and write down exactly what I know or what I think about Blackberry at this point in time.

1. Security - Security of systems and data is the most important thing to any company. Anytime you hear of hacking or releasing of personal data, every CEO/CIO touches base with their I.T. Department to double check their systems and data is secure. There are laws in place to ensure everyone's person data is secure, and as a CEO/CIO you better have all systems, applications etc secure, or you will lose your job. Blackberry does Security very well and will continue to deliver the promises it has given to their customers. Servicing your customer's needs is crucial or you will not have any.

2. OS - The Operating System (QNX) that Blackberry launched on the Z10 on January 31, 2013, is one of the best out there. In my opinion, this operating system, and all Blackberry employees, will be Blackberry's saviour. QNX is going to be, or already is, the key to everyone's future and to what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT),, which companies like CISCO are already working on. QNX is also already in 60% of the infotainment systems in cars and is part of the autonomous car which is already in testing. Look here to see 30 Ways QNX already Touches Your Life:

3. Mobile Computing - Mobile Computing is the way of the future. The Blackberry Z10 lends itself well to this. Hook up a wireless keyboard and mouse, use the HDMI to connect to a screen (TV if you like) and sign into your company's app via the cloud. Simply brilliant. This will make computers and laptops obsolete, just like a dial telephone.

4. Financials - Blackberry financials are good, cash in bank, no debt and advertising the heck out of this in the markets where Blackberry does well. They did a good job on the rolling launch, it was smart from a financial perspective, if it wasn't a hit in UK, Canada, and UAE, they could have stopped right there, but obviously, it's a hit. You don't see it's a hit in most of the mainstream media, but people were actually lined-up for the Z10 in South Africa. The consumer loves the Z10. Consumer is King and speaking with their dollars.

5. Apps - Built it and they will come. If people are buying the device, the biggest app makers don't want to be left behind, they will come. Rome wasn't built in a day, was it? It isn't just about "phone" apps, it's about apps for business, health care, cars, gaming, writing, photography, if you can think it, someone can build it an app for it. There are going to be trillions of dollars to be made in apps in the future. People with no vision will not see this, such as some analysts.

6. Tablet - Next generation of Playbook will run QNX and Blackberry software; sales of the new Playbook have been over-looked. I can tell you, I have a Samsung and I don't really like the OS, it's slow, not intuitive and clunky. As soon as they release the new Playbook, I will buy one and I'm sure I am not alone.

7. Gaming - Blackberry is working on hooking up a wireless game controller. Again, just hook up your TV to your Z10 with HDMI cable, set up your controller via Blue tooth, go to the game hosted on a cloud and voila, no more need for a gaming console.

8. Grassroots - The Blackberry Z10 is flying off the shelves from what I can tell. Everyone I talk to say, "My first love was Blackberry" and in my opinion, it will be again. I will never give up my PEEK & HUB, now that I have them!

I believe that everyone should do their own due diligence when investing their money and it's ok to not agree with someone, but respect each other's opinion and listen because you just may learn something new.

There is no need for games, bashers, planted negative stories or outright lies. Let a company's products, services speak for themselves and don't believe everything you hear or read in the media.

Disclosure: I am long BBRY.