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Molycorp Minerals MCP and Jacob's Ladder

|Includes: REMX
Well, I was screened on the Moly call today. I was on from the very beginning. Got in the queue right away. And they never got to me. It can happen. But when I went back to Moly's conference calls and presentations I noticed they have never taken a private investor call and every question ever asked has put Moly in a favorable light.
Amazing! They have a half billion dollar project loading with world changing technologies and no flow charts, diagrams, plant drawings, plant photos, or even slides. And yet no one has ever asked them an engineering question in their conference calls or presentations. In fact, no one asks a tough question. Forgive me for doubting in a post-Madoff world. But at this point I consider Phoenix a Jacob's Ladder until Molycorp shows us how this will work.