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Has American changed the definition of Democracy to the world?

May 09, 2011 10:25 AM ET
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Heavy on STEM and ACTC. I bought WEL before they sold to HAL and I like Clear Diesel and Rentek {RTK}. I have been shorted out of the market by huge English and American financial Institutional investor groups many times. The oil field barrel prices are too high now and the market will soon correct. This is like the Gold market. Nobody ever came to you before the Gold market went up did they? Notice they are trying to dump over-priced Oil Futures like they are cancerous or something. Take heed. I've been there. I worked in the oil field for ten years as a consultant and drilling engineer for companies like Halliburton.

Let me start off with a piece I wrote during the 80's in the Reagan years. I consider it a result of Government posturing itself by interrogating the populace for reactions to International Crimes and never replying with viable working solutions. Keep in mind this is a result of Government that imprisons more of it's people than any country in the world.

Puppet tyranny is crucial to Geo Political balance.

"Why give credit to enemy terrorists for acts they shouldn't be granted the capacity to conduct? For what purpose should we enlist the assistance of the media to instruct the public as to the whereabouts of our assailants and the businesses of our military? The actions of war are not a democracy, and there are no ballots for public opinion.

However we cannot deny the right for the people to know anything that might affect their lives in such dire circumstances without due cause and Judicial Avenue for redress. Thus we must have militants and tyrannical opposition to display the outrage that allows such transgressions to give rise to vagarious acts of hate.

Quadafy is one. Bin Laden was another. If one group of persons should become known as a group capable of harming enormous numbers of people, then to give that group the right to make their unmeritorious claims known would be second to committing the act themselves, and give rise to false dictonomy, which we cannot dispute. No matter how libelous.

So we have puppet "Evil" Emperors around the world to take blame for actions which they did not commit so as to not embolden others to repeatedly damage society in return for media attention or political venue without following proper venue or protocol.

It is far better to only have two evil lords of badness than millions of people without a conscious reasonable explanation for their hate crimes. And that is what we'd have if such situations weren't controlled as they are. There is not really any fact to support that Bin Laden accomplished anything except beating Russian Troops badly. Nor is their any actual truth that can be displayed to show Quadafy did anything other than takeover a dictatorship that was evil beyond explanation.

Does that make sense? "

We aren't wanting any "experiment" in politics. This area is truly not my academic discipline or many others and I think that is obvious. But it is and has been that for many. And we do not appreciate that any more than a patient would like to be teased about whether or not they can guess the right answer  - or die.

In the balance is that American and most other forms of Government have many different ideals of their own to promote over publics concerns. There are also other public complaints that run contradictory of modern Government and Military ideal. Do those people deserve a right to redress their grievances?

Some might argue they do not as it slows the progress toward the "common goal" of the political right in charge at any given time to allow individual people and private enterprise the appropriate rights to address the authority and challenge granted disciplines. The process of "re-inventing" the prosperous ideal of civilian life isn't necessarily the same as a Government of Military and Law Enforcement Discipline, and much less likely to be similar to Education or any other Department of big and small governments.

For instance if the military wants it's own oilfield business and it hurts local economy by eliminating private operation of a similar or identical refinery machinery, is it allowable for private enterprise to compete? After all, the military might need an uninterruptible supply of fuel for it vehicles of every type. Should they confiscate of bar construction of such plant machinery devoted to private business entities?

The same can be said for almost any industry in the private sector. Agriculture, computer design, healthcare, medicine, and things like sports may be said to have only military uses or concern in some Republics. Even news publication and television programming is essential for the security and well being of modern civilization.

But the problem is really one of disinformation, and whether it is okay to commit terrible acts of vengeance on groups or individual people in various situation that may alone be up for debate.  Economic warfare is an everyday situation as some might view the Democratically form business model. Constitutional personal rights may not have anything to do with whether profitable private business will function. The "wheels of progress" as it were, do not always turn at all. And the world sees that fact in America when American populations suffer from repeated horrible actions {like the 9/11 attack on the WTC} that aren't "Acts of God" {like flood and earthquakes}. One act of "punishment" is another persons unavoidable risk. Or one could compare Cancer with a bioengineered virus in much the same way.

Our progress and viable beliefs in action, rather than in discussion, is far more progressive than physically defeating to some enemies of any description or nationality. To build a new and more highly performing car is far more advanced and insightful than destroying old building that could be renovated in many peoples environment, but not necessarily in ours.

Building a new Government isn't really what America wants but it is exactly what the some of the rest of the world wants to do in their own nation. But one truism common and uncommon builders and mechanics share is "Don't break it if you can't fix it". This even goes into further levels of "blame" for some industries into areas of accepting blame in order to repair those problems. Say a Cancer Dr. might feel as though it is far more acceptable to accept blame for the Cancers he or she is capable of repairing than looking for another to appoint the blame upon. Or a business man claiming to have singlehandedly ruined the entire tire industry in the USA in order to rebuild it, since he or she actually does know how to do that very thing.

So now we see that the issue of complaint about American politics is one of acceptance of blame. Pointing the finger at prior and current administrations might help to locate the proper documentation to unravel a mess, but doesn't really repair political discord. Working our way through sometimes disturbing issues and resolving them painlessly, effectively, and to the betterment of those in concern is the best solution.

That is the meaning of a Democracy.

Disclosure: I am long RTK, STEM, LODE.

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