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Blackberry Passport: Is It Really What They Say It Is?

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After hearing, seeing and reading reviews about the new Blackberry Passport device by tech gurus, some of whom were not even allowed to turn the device on when doing their review (see Blackberry Passport: Tech News Today 1099), I came upon a series of consumer reviews and felt it would be reasonable to share a few of those insights.

So here are some consumer reviews about the Passport device from Amazon and notably from Iphone and Android consumers specifically.


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5.0 out of 5 stars This makes me bring back my iphone6 plus . . . sry apple, September 28, 2014


Schorsch - See all my reviews

This review is from: BlackBerry Passport - Factory Unlocked Smartphone - Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

This phone blows my mind

it's fast, accurate and has an amazing battery life!

I've been using an iphone6 plus for the last weeks and this definitely goes back to apple today.
Was a good time testing it but it's just nothing compared to the new BlackBerry Passport.

Some might complain about that it is to heavy but it come with the best battery you can get out there.

I've been using it together with the iphone6 plus for the last days and the iphone6 never lasted a day.

Also the memory of the iphone is s*** - 1GB vs 3GB that means iphone stops all apps when not running and BlackBerry keeps them running all the time. I heard its called headless apps or running in the background - anyway there is no waiting time when getting back to an app

also the keyboard - amazing !

I could continue for hours comparing the iphone 6 plus and the Passport but the Passport is the true winner - ah and don't get me wrong I'm not an apple hater or so - I had 3 iphones and 4 ipads, I guess 4 MacBooks and cant wait for the new ipad in Oktober but right now it was time to move back to BlackBerry - a smartphone is a tool not a toy and the passport does exactly that.

Giving me all apps I need and a great communication tool as well.

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5.0 out of 5 stars My experience as an android user..., September 26, 2014


Victoriano Horcajada - See all my reviews

This review is from: BlackBerry Passport - Factory Unlocked Smartphone - Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

I am really impressed with what blackberry has done with this phone. It's fast, easy to use and different from everything that's on the market.
First about me...
I am a college student and I have always used an Android device. My last phone was a LG g2. I use my phone for texting, surfing the web, YouTube and (like every college student nowadays) take notes, write small essays, open many files( most .doc), and listen to music. I don't play a lot of games.

Honestly, I bought this device because its different. I wanted to try something different, I was getting bored of the android interface. I was a bit skeptical about buying this phone since everyone says BB is dead. My surprises that this phone is pretty good...

Since I own this phone I am using less my tablet and even my laptop. The screen is so wide that you can see much more than a regular smartphone. I don't use a lot of apps, but now with the amazon app store, almost every important app is there, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube etc... (except for Google service apps).
Battery life is... very very good. I have been able to get 2 days of battery life with regular use (not playing games). The speakers are awesome, nothing compared to iPhones or Samsung. The camera is also very good. Pictures have a square shape (like Instagram) but picture quality and color saturation are very good ( similar to my old G2).

In conclusion, this is a very impressive phone. I wasn't expecting this from BB. If what you want is a phone to be productive, excellent battery life and different from what everybody else carries, this is the best on the market. Even tough there are a lot of apps in BB now, if you are a heavy app user (specially games) and cannot leave the Google world, you should stay with Android or Apple.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing phone. Puts you at the peak of productivity., September 25, 2014


Pho6 - See all my reviews

This review is from: BlackBerry Passport - Factory Unlocked Smartphone - Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

I've been a former blackberry user with my bold 9900, and was honestly incredibly disappointed with the company and its phones when I've experienced maps which never work, a browser that's slow as a snail, crashing phones where i'd always have to pull out my battery, and lastly the lack of productive apps. I've since moved to the iPhone 5 in 2012 and thought I'd never look back.

The passport though, is really something different. Before, one huge factor that caused me to switch from BB to iPhone was because of the apps and the speed of the phone. However, after using the iPhone for 2 years. I honestly COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT THE APPS.

I realize what really was more important to me - which is the productivity of my phone - NOT candy crush, angry birds, flappy birds, or any other games. I barely even visit the apple app store anymore. Also, I have since passed my honeymoon phase with all the iPhone apps, and honestly have no other game apps on my phone - only the productive ones.

I've received my blackberry passport and absolutely LOVED it. Typing on touchscreen never really bothered me, however, being able to write a paragraph of email and jump back to the middle of it did. Where iphone requires you to keep trying to touch that spot in between the words to add a paragraph, blackbery passport does it simply by moving the cursor over.

The phone is fast. The amount of apps they have now is exactly what I need to stay productive ( i could care less about the other stuff ). And MOST IMPORTANTLY of all, I feel SO good to have instant push on my email again rather than having to wait 15 minutes every time on an iphone.

The square screen is awkward at first. Not gonna lie. But when I'm reading articles or books while in transit, this is SO MUCH BETTER. No longer do I have to side-scroll my page on an iphone which gets quite annoying.

Overall blackberry has done an amazing job with this phone. Though not perfect (maps, blackberry assistant, and camera could be a bit quicker and upgraded). But I have high hopes for their products in the future.

Get the passport for productivity. you won't regret it.

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5.0 out of 5 stars the timing of the release was perfect. Any way to the review, September 25, 2014


Amazon Customer

This review is from: BlackBerry Passport - Factory Unlocked Smartphone - Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

The reason for my purchase is different than most, I think. I simply wanted something different. After going through a bunch of Android phones, jailbreaks, roots, stock and custom ROMs, four generations of the iPhone, and now out of contract, I just wanted to try something else. I didn't actually plan to buy a BlackBerry, it sort of just happened. I ordered it yesterday after about a week of looking for my next phone, the timing of the release was perfect.

Any way to the review, just wanted to put a disclaimer that I'm not a BlackBerry fanboy.

This phone is absolutely, plain simply, awesome! I have been using it for nearly 6 hours after opening the box, which had about 50% initial battery. I have yet to plug in a USB cable, six hours of setting up the phone, downloading applications, account setups, and the battery is now at 41%. Never seen anything like that.

I can download all the application and games I need. If what I'm looking for is not in BlackBerry World, it's definitely in the Amazon App Store. Netflix, Candy Crush, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. The Android Runtime seems to be, at least, faster than actually running it on an Android Phone like Galaxy S4 (my last Galaxy). I guess the hardware on the Passport is just that much better.

The BlackBerry Hub is the best, and most productive feature I'd seen. All your emails, BBM, text, Facebook, Twitter, all your notifications in one place, and I thought I'd be a mess to sort through it, but it's not. Each notification has its own identifier.

The keyboard, revolutionary. Typing is absolutely easy and fast, you can scroll up, down, left, right on anything by just sliding your finger on the keyboard, no need to touch the screen, like the MacBook's trackpad.

If you're looking for, arguably, the most innovative phone in the market, this is it. If you're tired of the same Apple gimmick, or the battery drain on the Android devices, this is the phone for you.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Made the switch and not looking back, September 28, 2014


Jaclyn Halliwell - See all my reviews

This review is from: BlackBerry Passport - Factory Unlocked Smartphone - Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

In the past year I've gone from a BlackBerry Z10, to a Samsung S4, to the iPhone 5, and now just this past week I've come full circle and am now back with a BlackBerry--only this time now it's a Passport. The experience I've had in the last few days with my Passport has been amazing. The keyboard is a dream, and the screen size and resolution is incredible. The Amazon Appstore comes pre-loaded and helps fill the void from the lack of apps in BlackBerry World. Many people question the size of the device and wonder if it's too big. I'm a female with small hands and it's not an issue for me at all. Finally I have a smartphone that allows me to get my work done. It is the only phone I've ever had where it feels like a small computer. I find myself not reaching for my MacBook Air as often. Definitely give this device a shot. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


These are reviews from different consumers who have actually purchased and used the device.

You decide: Is the Blackberry Passport really what they say it is?

Disclosure: The author is long BBRY.