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The Art Newspaper is a monthly newspaper about the visual arts. It focuses on personalities as well as issues, but eschews gossip and stresses accuracy embracing an editorial policy that consistently reveals a high degree of seriousness and sense of responsibility. The arts newspaper provides very beneficial information regarding arts.

Company's Background:

The Art Newspaper (Established in 1983) is based in London. It is published in a newspaper, rather than a magazine, format. It caters particularly for the art professional, and, although it is sold in major outlets, it is not extensively distributed in smaller shops. It is published by the Italian publishing house Umberto Allemande and is actually a network of five "sister" papers. It has offices in London and New York, and correspondents in over 20 countries including Italy, India and Germany.

Customer's feedback:

Website has been running for many years and is excelling gradually. It is considered as one of best visual arts magazine. 30 years of progress have come up with very positive reviews and feedback from customers. On A user D. Simcoe says: I just read what appeared to be an insightful review of 'Painting in a Godless world' and look forward to reading the text directly. It is always good to discover someone who shares a common hunger for meaning-through/in-art.

Business Credibility and trustworthiness:

Website does not have profile on Better Business Bureau. It has been running for more than 30 years and thus its credibility can be trusted, it is serving the readers through creative and innovative information in the newspaper and people visit the website on daily bases. Its business credibility can be thus trusted due to its impressive performance.

Website Popularity:

Website has been running since 1983 and is excelling with the tie it is popular among the artists as well as readers and knowledge seekers. It has popular ranking. Alexa gives it a global rank of 179183 and a U.S rank of 94614. Moreover Google Page rank gives it 7 points out of the 10 possible points. Company has a good repute and is frequently visited.

Social Media presence:

The company utilizes social media to its advantage and the faceBook page of the company has likes 29321 and is used to promote the company image and newspaper. The twitter account of the company @TheArtNewspaper has 53436 followers and has 2198 tweets. The twitter account is used to interact with consumers on a one to one basis. The pinterest page has also followers and helps maintains the company's social media presence.

Website security:

Website has been running through many years and thus is secure enough for users. Clients trust the website. Further Google safe Browsing Diagnostic states that:

This site is not currently listed as suspicious. And over the past 90 days, did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites. It also stated that this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days. Company has been appreciated on its performance on forums and is gradually excelling.


Company has different packages and it has different pricing according to the packages it provides. Company has reasonable prices and is reliable; clients are satisfied with prices and quality of products. Website provides the detailed information regarding pricing and packages. It offers the newspaper online, and also in print form. It is up to the choice of customers that which package they buy.

Shipping Rates & Policies:

Company has not stated any shipping rates and it works on online bases thus promotes quick exchange of ideas and payment, Company has a well designed policy for the security of customers and also insures no loss. It has a very strict privacy policy to its website which ensures that the information provided to website is private and confidential leading customers to trust the website even more.

Payment methods:

Company has been running business since 1983 and has a wide range of followers and customers. Company has been trusted by its customers and deals online with them. Company receives payment online via debit or credit card. This is to deal customers quickly and company has been doing progress gradually and is being appreciated much by readers as well as artists.

Return Refund Policy:

Website has not stated any refund or return policy and deals in quick n online sharing. Clients trust the company and buy products more often; company claims that it provides the products with best quality and information thus minimizing the chances of refund or return. Company has been working progressively and is getting very positive feedback from its followers.