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MyPortfolioInvesting - A cost effective way to manage and trade your own account

 We understand and welcome investors who wish to manage and trade their own investment account(s), but also wish to obtain cost-effective, quality and objective portfolio guidance.  With Centric Capital Management, LLC, serving as investment advisor to MyPortfolioInvesting, investors have five professionally developed and analyzed portfolios for purchase.  These portfolios range in risk profiles - from conservative to aggressive - and each portfolio features diversified allocations comprised of numerous securities, funds, and ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds). These Portfolios are developed under Modern Portfolio Theory, which seeks to optimize return while taking into consideration risk tolerance and time horizon.

  • Each portfolio is measured against an appropriate Dow Jones Relative Risk Index®
  • All investments within each portfolio are available through their chosen brokers or custodian for purchase
  • Prospective purchasers have the option to review performance, fundamental and risk analyses as well as style box and asset classifications for each portfolio prior to purchase
  • We invite (and recommend) prospective purchasers to complete the investment profiler to obtain a recommended portfolio for the given profile
  • At the end of each quarter, each portfolio is evaluated, adjusted as necessary, and re-balanced
  • Portfolios are available to purchase for the current quarter, or through our annual plan which provides access to each of the adjustments made each quarter along with frequent e-mails notifying of adjustments to the portfolios purchased