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Announcing New Spreadsheet For 2019 Strategies


Thanks to Greg for setting up this new spreadsheet for three of Cliff's 2019 Strategies (original ELVS, DF_ELVS, and ULVS).

This new autocalc version requires almost no work (just dividend information) to get the winning selections each month.

In a pinch, you can just use the previous dividends and the selections will be correct (unless the numbers are very, very close).

Please send Greg a message thanking him for this great tool.

Here is the new Google sheet created by Greg.K to calculate three of Cliff's 2019 strategies (on three different tabs):

1. Original ELVS,

2. DF_ELVS, and

3. ULVS.

This is the "autocalc" version, where the only inputs needed are the date and the last 2 or 3 monthly distributions. Everything else is calculated using data from Google Finance. The monthly distributions are found using the included Morningstar fund links, but in cases where they are missing Greg has included a "Fund Websites" tab to aid in tracking down the distributions. If all else fails a reasonable approximation is to use the previous month's distribution. Each sheet relies on a "price lookup table" and a "date lookup table" which are contained in the sheet as hidden rows. You can see them by scrolling down and unhiding the rows.

For error handling, if any piece of data needed by the calculations is missing in the sheet the calculations and ranking will show a blank. If the EOM price for a fund isn't grabbed automatically, which occasionally happens, you have the option of manually entering the price yourself.

The sheet is shared as "read-only", but the "Instructions" tab explains how you can get your own editable copy. This sheet is not available in Excel format because of the difficulty of getting price data automatically into Excel. A best effort has been made to test the sheets but please let Greg know if you find any errors. The spreadsheet is provided as is and please use at your own risk.

If you have any questions about the spreadsheet, please contact (send a SA message) to Greg at


Greg has had numerous people asking him for help getting the spreadsheet. He made this video to help: ELVS Sheet Copy Instructions.

When he has more time he'll make a better one that is a bit smoother and also gives more of a demo showing how to use the sheet, but this should help for now.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures"