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Selections For May 2019


The ELVS selection for May is WHIYX with NHMAX a very close second. ELVS gained 0.94% in April. ELVS YTD return is 2.88%.

The selection for the weekly-updated MDBS_ETF strategy is HYD at the present time with SRLN a close second; this strategy returned 0.68% in April. YTD return is +3.31%.

For May, my strategies are picking high yield municipal bond assets, high yield corporate bond assets, and senior bank loan assets.

In my Schwab accounts, I am up 3.5% YTD; this translates to slightly greater than 10% annual growth (meeting my yearly objective).

In my Vanguard accounts, I am up 2.8% YTD.

Give a portion to seven, or even to eight

for you know not what disaster may happen on earth. (Ecc. 11:2)

Please refer to a previous blog (posted December 23, 2018 on my SA Instablog) as background for my strategies in 2019. Links to Portfolio Visualizer for each strategy are included in the December 23rd blog post. Free, easy-to-use spreadsheets of three of my strategies (Original ELVS, DF_ELVS and ULVS) were developed by Greg Katai, and they can be downloaded at this post.

Here are the May 2019 selections for all of my strategies:

1. Original ELVS: WHIYX (100%) with NHMAX a very close second. In April, ELVS held NHMAX and gained 0.94%. A better choice for April would have been WHIYX (it gained 2.14% in April).

2. DF_ELVS: WHIYX (50%) and DSIAX (50%) with NHMAX a very close third. The overall rankings are 1.98, 2.00, and 2.02 for WHIYX, DSIAX, and NHMAX respectively. In April, DF_ELVS (that owned NHMAX and MMHAX) returned +0.75%.

3. ULVS: LSFYX (100%) with NVHAX a very close second. ULVS owned NVHAX in April and earned 0.69%. Please note: I incorrectly stated the winner was NVHAX for May when I first posted this article. If LSFAX is used instead of LSFYX, then NVHAX is the winner. But if LSFYX is utilized instead of LSFAX, then LSFYX is the winner. The final selection is very, very close.

4. VV_ELVS: VWAHX (100%). In April, VV_ELVS owned VWAHX and gained 0.56%.

5. Weekly MDBS_ETF: HYD (100%) with SRLN a close second. In April, MDBS_ETF owned HYD and SRLN at various times, and earned 0.68% for the month.

6. VAA-G4: VOO (50%) and VWO (50%). VAA-G4 returned 3.09% in April. YTD return is 6.09%. Equities have far outpaced bonds in 2019 so far.

7. Weekly LSFAX/LSFYX Strategy: LSFAX/LSFYX (100%). This strategy owned LSFYX all month in April and it gained 1.48%.

Please let me know if I made any mistakes.

Overall, the strategies did fine in April, and I am very thankful. Every strategy posted a sizable gain for the month. Personally, I diversified into DSIAX and WHIYX in April (in addition to the high yield muni assets selected by many of the strategies), and this helped in my total return for April. In my Schwab accounts, based on my own personal money I am investing, I am up 3.5% YTD, while in my Vanguard accounts I am up 2.8% YTD. So far this year, I am seeing slow and steady growth, just like what is expected in our low volatility approach.