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PosP And New "Axis Of Evil" Portfolio Reprt

|Includes: Northern Oil & Gas, Inc (NOG)

Decided to be more aggressive this while still doing my best to follow my dump at 5% loss rule. The Piece of Sh!t Portfolio started at $4,200 on 1/1/15 and ended up at $5,888 on 12,31/15. A couple failures to heed the 5% and dump rule cost me close to a grand in mid December.

I still like the PosP and will continue it this year. Only difference is I've added cash to it and am starting 2016 with $10,000 of my own money in it. I'll post trades on Stocktalks as I make them. Currently holding 200 shares of $NOG @ $3.75. 100 shares $INO @ 6.75 and 3000 shares $RNN @ .37 with $7471 available cash. Sometimes I keep position sizes low depending on how much time I have to monitor positions on computer. This is the case here.

The Grand Negus' newest portfolio is title the "Axis of Evil Portfolio." The Rules of Acquisition say evil is good for business so one must find evil and make profits.

This portfolio also is funded with $10,000 of my own money. It will be more of a long term hold rather than swing trade strategy so dividends will affect buying and selling decisions. And there is plenty of evil out there and people willing to buy what evil is selling.

There were many stocks I considered as the first buy for the AoE, $XOM and $BP are always good. I tried to get some $BP last trading day but never hit my order price. I did get 50 shares of French drug company $SNY. I also hold it in my regular holdings as well as swing trade 100 shares. Being a drug company is enough to consider $SNY evil. It also bought up $MNKD and appears to have put the kibosh on Afrezza mush to the consternation of $MNKD holders. In the meantime $SNY is promoting another of it's diabetes treatments.

The price looks incredibly cheap to me @$42.65 which was my entry price. That leaves me $7867 in cash to buy more evil doers.

I wish everyone success in 2016. As always, you buy and sell at your own risk. As self appointed leader of the Seeking Alpha Ferengi Alliance I declare whatever happens in your portfolio is your fault.

Disclosure: I am/we are long $SNY,$INO,NOG,$RNN.