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Financial Tidying: time to do some spring cleaning

Tax season is over.

Exhale and relax a little if your taxes had you stressed out. Then think about a new personal finance project: financial spring cleaning. This is the perfect time of year to tidy your finances. Why? 

  • You probably have your paperwork and records out from tax time – or you still remember where they are.
  • Your tax information is fresh in your mind.
  • You’re likely going to clean and tidy your house to clear out the winter’s clutter, and decluttering your finances is a logical part of that process.
  • Sunnier weather  helps increase motivation levels.
  • You have to do it sometime.

We’ve created a resource to help you get your financial house in order this spring. CHECK OUT OUR CHECKLIST, which you can view online or download in printable PDF format.

Dust off your filing cabinet and get ready to organize. If you have questions along the way about your retirement investments, call our adviser team at 877.627.8401.

Carolyn Humpherson

Financial Communication Specialist

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