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U.S News & World Report Smarter Investor Blog Series- Make Diversification Work for You

Diversification is a term you hear thrown all around the retirement investing world. And because it is used so much, the definition and execution of diversification has become muddled and confusing— so much so that some investors occasionally harm their investment portfolio when they try diversifying.

In his latest submission to the U.S. News & World Report Smarter Investor blog series, Smart 401k CEO Scott Holsopple attempts to clear up some of the confusion by examining diversification in retirement planning.


In an excerpt from the post, Scott looks at a common mistake investors make with diversification.

“Another misstep investors take with diversification is not rebalancing on a regular basis. As one area of your account, stocks, for example, continues to grow, it can become disproportionate to your original diversification request. If you don’t rebalance, or move the account to meet your original diversification boundaries, then you could be taking on more risk than you intended.”

Diversification is an effective way to reach your retirement goals. But like any other investment strategy, it is vital to understand what it is and how to use it properly before you apply it to your investment plan as a whole.

Evan Davis

Marketing Associate

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