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Blog Round-Up: Food, Groceries and Eating Out

We follow lots of really good blogs – mostly related to personal finance and economics. The Blog Round-Up allows us to point you in the direction of some great content from the blogging world. Posts* included in today’s round-up speak to the theme Food, Groceries and Dining Out.


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What NOT to Buy at a Farmers Market

From Wise Bread, written by Paul Michael

I love farmers markets. I do suffer from “can’t get out of bed early enough” syndrome and usually miss the good stuff. But even when I do drag myself out of bed, I find some amazing produce that is tastier and healthier than anything found in the supermarket. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, farmers markets are tough to beat. Read More>>

Frugal Eats: Dining Out On The Cheap

From Bucksome Boomer, written by Lisa

I love eating out. What more can I say? I’m a great cook (or so I’m told) but over all, there’s nothing like sitting down to eat a meal – that I didn’t have to cook – which has been prepared just for me! Eating out comes with one unsavory factor: the check. Read More>>

Save Money by Making the Most of the Food You Buy

From Quizzle, written by Julia Weiss-Roesller

We’ve all found that tub of moldy cream cheese that got lost at the back of the fridge or gone to eat the pear you purchased at the market and found that it had already gone bad. Did you know that the average four-person household in the United States wastes about $600 worth of food a year? Imagine what you could do with that extra cash! All you need to do is make full use of the food you buy. Don’t let it go to waste and you’ll be saving big. Read More>>

How to Save Money on Groceries – 21 Ways

From Moola Days, written by Albert

There is simply no way getting around buying groceries. Everyone has to buy groceries some way or another. It is one of those necessities you must purchase in order to, live. Although we cannot rule out groceries altogether, we can however, minimize how much we spend purchasing groceries with good habits, techniques, and discipline. Read More>>

Savings Experiment: Best ways to save a bunch on lunch

From Daily Finance, written by 24/7 Wall St

Trillions of cold cuts and untold gallons of condiments later, the sandwich is still going strong — and in pretty much the same form as our earliest human ancestors ate it. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for “the same as Sandwich,” or the same old sandwich, every day for lunch. Which options might save you the most money and stimulate your taste buds to boot? We’ll find out in this installment of the Savings Experiment. Read More>>

Best Foods to Buy in Bulk

From Mint Life Blog

Go big or go home. It’s true for job interviews, sports games and reality TV competitions — and often, trips to the grocery store.

Checking the unit price on the shelf tag, which expresses the cost divided by quantity, is a key way to find the best deal. Usually, the bigger the package, the lower that price and the less you’re paying per ounce, sheet or other measurement. That’s often why warehouse clubs are so popular, but there’s no need to pay up for a membership to cut your grocery bill. Read More>>



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