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Retirement Employment- Finding a Good Job During Your Golden Years

I spent a lot of time at my local golf course when I was growing up. Every time I walked into the clubhouse, the friendly manager greeted me. When I returned for the first time in years, Dusty was still behind the clubhouse counter. I asked why he was working at the golf course when he could be enjoying retirement. He indicated that his wife would ring his neck if he were home all day.

Dusty isn’t alone. Results from a May 2011 survey published by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies stated 54% of workers plan to work during retirement.

If you’re in the same boat, here are a few tips to help you find an in-retirement job:


Search for a position related to your working-years career. The idea of jumping into new employment may be daunting for many retirees, so why not look for a job in a field you know a lot about? You probably have a built-in network of associates and colleagues who might help you locate a job.

Do something you enjoy. You could translate a hobby or passion into employment. Have a love and knowledge of sports? Try your hand at coaching or refereeing. Enjoy kids? Become a teacher’s aide or nanny. Love people? Apply to be a greeter or host/hostess.

Apply for seasonal work. Finding short-term job may help you ease back into employment. The holidays are a great time to seek seasonal employment since retailers offer two-to-three month positions. Seasonal roles are also common in the tourism industry since businesses are often looking for help during the season they’re open.

Find a way to be your own boss. Depending upon your qualifications, you could do consulting or freelance work for your previous employer or a company in your old industry. You could also turn your hobby into income by starting your own business.

Work with a career counselor. If you need ideas to help you kick-start your in-retirement job search, a good career counselor could point you in the right direction. These consultants can help you figure out which field is right for you, and then they’ll assist you in creating a good résumé, networking, interviewing and salary negotiations.

For general information about working during retirement, the AARP offers several online resources.

You already know that people who work during retirement can stay active and engaged while earning more money. You may not know that, under some circumstances, you could continue to collect social security while you work. Plus, working during retirement years could actually increase your social security benefit. Visit the Social Security Administration online for more information.

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