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New Social Networking Website Claims To Be Cancer Patient's Facebook

|Includes: Facebook (FB), HSTM, MSFT, VIRA

A small publicly held company, Viratech Corp. (OTC: OTCPK:VIRA) will launch in one week the first experience-based search engine powered by social collaboration., , the brainchild of Dr. Mahesh Kanojia and cancer advocate Chris Ryan, is designed to be the Facebook for Cancer Patients, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The comparison to Facebook (NYSE: FB) is no accident, according to Kevin Buckman, MD, the CEO of Viratech and co-founder of the site. In fact, the site has many of the features of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn (NASDAQ: LNKD), as well as health resources, like HealthStream (NASDAQ:HSTM).

But goes one step further. Based on medical studies that an improvement of the quality of life increases survival rates regardless of treatment, Viratech actually claims that's function can improve the morbidity rates of cancer patients by providing them with a support network that will connect them to friends, supporters, advocates, doctors, and resources that can increase patient confidence and contribute to a higher quality of life. The cited studies provides, free of charge, the tools to help patients develop their own Mission Adaptive Plan, or MAP. These MAPs are put together based on the input of oncologists and other cancer survivors and advocates. A MAP is a 16 step program of best practices which allows patients to craft a customized treatment strategy based on their own educated beliefs, values, and resources.

"We can lower the incidence of morbidity-regardless of treatment- as substantiated by a Fox Chase medical study, entitled Quality of Life Supersedes the Classic Predictors of Survival in Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, by raising the quality of life of the cancer patient. To do all this we have fifteen best-practice modules featured on the web site. Each one is organized to provide specific resources to help cancer patients, families, and health providers," states Dr. Buckman.

In addition, he adds, "Our tools enable permission controlled social networking groups, and can help convert friends and family from a state of being helpless to being helpful. They can actually increase the cancer patient's quality of life. Simultaneously we can empower the cancer patient with the ability to tap the experiences of other cancer survivors. Additionally, they can create their own customized strategy to fight their own cancer, based on their own values, beliefs, and resources."

On the business end, an analyst report by Harbinger Research at reccomends to keep a close watch on Viratech as it rolls out, stating, "Overall, we view Viratech one of the most exciting companies, business models, and value propositions we have ever seen. If ultimately successful, Viratech will make the world a better place, as well as significantly enriching all of its stakeholders on a financial basis."

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