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  Crushing and Grinding Mill Solution in South Africa

South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere,where stores abundant resources, especially in the area of mineral, which has been proven reserves all kind of mineral mines as many as 70.Among them the mineral gold, platinum group metals, manganese, vanadium, chromium, silicon aluminium salts rank the first class in the yield around the world.

At the same time the mineral such as vermiculite, zirconium, titanium, thulium, phosphate, storeuranium,Diamond,asbestos, copper, vanadium, uranium and coal, iron, titanium, thulium,antimony,lead,zinc in South Africa also ranks the top 5 in the world.

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Crushing and Grinding Mill Solution in Iran

Iran possessed extensive and varied mineral resources. It is one of the most important mineral producers in the world and is ranked among 15 major mineral rich countries, holding some 68 types of minerals. The most important mines in Iran include coal, metallic minerals, sand and gravel, chemical minerals and salt. Khorasan has the most operating mines in Iran. Other large deposits which mostly remain underdeveloped are zinc (world's largest), copper (world's second largest), iron (world's ninth largest), Uranium (world's tenth largest) and lead (world's eleventh largest). Iran with roughly 1% of the world's population holds more than 7% of the world's total mineral reserves.

Iran produces or piment and realgar arsenic concentrates, silver, asbestos, borax, hydraulic cement, clays (bentonite, industrial, and kaolin), diatomite, feldspar, fluorspar, turquoise, industrial or glass sand (quartzite and silica), lime, magnesite, nitrogen (of ammonia and urea), perlite, natural ocher and iron oxide mineral pigments, pumice and related volcanic materials, caustic soda, stones and decorative stones (including granite, marble, travertine, dolomite, and limestone), celestite, natural sulfates (aluminum potassium sulfate and sodium sulfate), Amber, Tungsten, Agate, lapislazuli and talc.