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XSense Capacity For 2013

|Includes: Atmel Corporation (ATML)

Per Carclo, Atmel will have to the capacity to built 1 billion of 3.1" touch sensor a year. That's if both the new Colorado facility and the new Cambridge facility are operational on schedule. Both Colorado and new Cambridge were scheduled to be on line this month (May).

"CIT supplies the photosensitive film for all sensor production lines. We have sufficient film capacity for the current Cambridge pilot line and the initial Colorado line. We have designed and ordered a high speed coating line which will be installed in the new Cambridge production facility - this line will have the capability to produce film for up to half a billion 3.1 inch screens. Additionally, to guarantee supply continuity, Atmel has agreed to fund a duplicate coating line which will be installed in Colorado, and will be operated by CIT as an active second source. We will therefore have a surge capacity available in 2013 for up to 1 billion screens per annum."

Carclo plc - Final Results - 12 June 2012

How much is 1 billion 3.1" sensor in sq Ft?

A 3.1" sensor = 4.6 sq in (4.601816896618025)

4.6 sq in * 1 Billion = 4.6 Billion sq in

4.6 Billion sq in / 144 = 31,944,444 sq ft a year

31,944,444 sq ft / 12 = 2,662,037 sq ft a month

Disclosure: I am long ATML.