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Weekly Reading Roundup- 3.4.2011

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Warren Buffett has been making the media rounds lately, and SeekingAlpha suggests it’s preparation for his next buyout target: The Washington Post.

On the blog Economist’s View, Tim Duy argues that the recovery is growing stronger—but not enough to trigger inflationary pressures.

Meanwhile, The Economist argues that rising oil and commodity prices in Europe are no reason for the European Central Bank to raise interest rates.

Berkeley economist Brad DeLong goes so far as to argue that we need more stimulative fiscal policy, not less.

On, economist Simon Johnson claims that both Republicans and Democrats are failing to deal with systemic issues that could lead to another financial crisis.

Index fund advocate Rick Ferri likes a new book on low cost, index fund investing: The Investment Answer, by Gordon Murray and Daniel Goldi.

On the Times’ “Economix” blog, David Leonhardt writes on a little-discussed long-term trend—declining wages for men — while ABC News pollster Gary Langer discusses gender pay equity in the context of this week’s White House report on the status of women in America.

MacRumors says that Apple plans to sell 10-12 million iPad 2’s, while Gizmodo reports on Google’s continuing problems with viruses embedded in Android apps.


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