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Blockdesk's New TERMD Calculator


Users have found it difficult at times to map the 63rd Market Day time limit when they use the TERMD strategy

Those who are new to or considering making a start in Active Investment Management find tracking multiple positions a little daunting

This handy little calculator page is written in Javascript, and you can save a copy of it locally on your computer. users have asked for an easy way to calculate the 63rd Market day following a forecast, and Blockdesk has provided a new tool using Javascript to do just that, and the tool also has 20 rows for managing/tracking progress on the 20 positions of a given Intelligence List.TERMD Calculator The main convenience of this tool is that once you set up the initial values for opening the positions in the Share Cost and Sell Target columns, you can simply update the current price in the Price Today column, and have it re-calclulate where you stand. Perhaps a future version will put up an alert when the current price is greater than or equal to the sell target, but maybe that improvement will happen soon enough. What other improvements would you want to see?