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Corporations and Consumers ON STRIKE with the Obamanation nonsense

As the fourth quarter begins the market dive continues.......


One can only conclude that a majority of companies and consumers are on strike.


 Got money in the bank?. Save it. Got equity in your home? Keep it Got an operations budget? re-examine it and contain costs...


Guess what America, that's what is happening. Consumers, Banks, and Corporations are not going to bail the Obummer administration out. Encouraging class warfare and crushing the individual entrepreneurial spirit won't work. Suing the banks and sending the NLRB out as your Trumpka in-your-pocket attack dog won't work either.


So we are just going to vent our rage online, vent in the lame scream media, vent to our friends on Facebook and YouTube, and most importantly we are going to WAIT while we vent.....................


As we wait we will save. Save money, save on expenses, save on reduced costs, save on postponed purchases, save with store brands, save with Amazon, save with Ebay, save with Craigslist, save with the local flea market, save with the sale of our "garage clutter", save with roommates, save with a downsize in autos purchased, save with the brown bag lunch, save by cutting cable tv, save by tele-commuting, and finally save with a downsize from the McMansion if it can even be sold.


Someday soon someone will come to the forefront to run against our current Clown in Chief.


When this person arises from the ashes of  the current "felony stupid" administration (kudos to Rep. Issa) we will focus laser like on electing this person to undo this nightmare........ Money will pour into this challenger's Pay Pal connected coffers and the internet media will take center stage getting the word out. Internet enabled persons will continue to be at the forefront of the "new media" with their Smartphones, I-Phones, and other yet to be named on-scene live streaming capabilities. The new internet news reporters will surpass the traditional media in their raw unfiltered "truth of the moment" audio and video moments. This new norm is also a warning to all to be careful since NOTHING is off the record in these unscripted moments. YouTube is a blessing and a curse depending on which side of the screen you are on.


The punditry tells us we are scared, we don't like uncertainty, and we lack leadership.

Bulls**t...........we are enraged, we are certain, we are going to get real leadership in 2012 and it will not be coming from the Democrats.


November 2010 was a trickle, November 2012 will be a tectonic shift.


Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.