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3M Taiwan - Yelping King Kong

|Includes: MAA, Marshall & Ilsley Corporation (MI), TSM, TWN
Amsoil are innovators in synthetic motor oil. They were the first to produce synthetic oils for diesel engines, first to manufacture synthetic gear lube for automatic use, and first to develop an API-rated 100% synthetic motor oil. Amsoil give you the opportunity to be part of this cutting-edge company. By starting your own Amsoil business, you have the chance to be your own boss, and earn thousands of dollars every month. Amsoil give you the opportunity to create your own fortune, but you won't get there unless you grow your business.
The way to earn money with Amsoil is by selling their products and growing your team. Not only do you earn commission from the products you sell, but you are also rewarded for the products members in your team sell. The bigger your team and the more reps you have, the more money you earn!
So, to grow your business you need to generate quality leads. Leads to people who are interested in buying your products, and earning their own money. You can buy a whole list of leads, but I wouldn't recommend paying for leads. There is no guarantee that these are quality leads, and not dead ends. Plus, why should you pay for something you can do yourself?
The most efficient way to generate leads is by going online. The internet is the network marketer's best friend. You can reach the whole of America from your own home, at a very low cost. With the right mixture of SEO, PPC and social media advertising, your business can receive a high level of exposure. You can have customers who are already interested in what you have to offer approaching you, rather than the other way around. This saves you time and money. Your online business can even have an opt in box which will even qualify these prospects for you. What more do you need!
To grow your Amsoil business, you need to embrace the internet. From your own home, you can see your business grow to a nationwide empire.