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China Gold Imports From Hong Kong Explode In November 2012

|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD)

We have very good numbers on gold buying from China out today. Gross gold imports doubled in a month time to 91 tonnes and the reason is of course lower gold prices in November 2012. The Western manipulators are shooting themselves in the foot by manipulating gold, because this way China can increase its holdings at a much faster pace.

Chart 1: China Gold Imports from Hong Kong

But let's look at the net imports too, because gross imports don't tell anything.

Net imports were 62 tonnes in November 2012, up from 24 tonnes in October 2012. That's 62/91 = 68% of gold that China bought, excluding gold going from China back to Hong Kong. That's an increase from the previous month October 2012 where the percentage was only 50%.

So that means, China is buying with both hands now. I wonder what will happen in December, as the price of gold got crushed in December 2012. Probably even more buying!

Disclosure: I am long AGQ.