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Our 2017 Performance & 2018 Positions


We've recently reviewed our 2017 performance for speculative and income portfolios.

We outperformed the broad market (S&P 500 Total Return) and small cap (Russell 2000) by a massive margin.

We had a shipping-heavy portfolio- we outperformed the closest ETF comp (SEA) by a massive margin.

Speculative Account: 65.4% annualized median return w/ 82.5% accuracy on 40 positions. // Income Account: 37.0% median return w/ 100% accuracy on 14 positions.

We're releasing our 'top positions for 2018' report in a couple days. 2 week FREE trials open until 8 January. Last chance!


FREE RESEARCH & Lower Rate Until 8 January 2018

Our exclusive research group has continued to grow at a steady pace during 2017. We are increasing membership dues to $179/m or $1499/yr effective 8 January 2018. All members who sign-up prior to this date will get to keep the current pricing ($149/m or $1399/yr) for as long as they stay subscribed regardless of future price increases. Additionally we are offering a 2 week free trial until early January, so that all potential new members can have a chance to see what the service offers before making any financial commitments. The opportunity to utilize a free trial to sample the service for FREE will only be available for one week. 

Public Reviews

I'm extremely thankful for the community we've developed and our reviews speak for themselves. Please take the opportunity to read some of them. A few highlights below:

VIE has taken my knowledge of the shipping industry to a completely new level... has easily paid for itself.

Value Investor's Edge is the best! The community he has assembled here is stellar and it is a place where members make informed, knowledgeable contributions.

J's coverage of the shipping sector has been excellent. It has earned me my subscription cost many times over.


Our Features

A membership offers access to a group of highly skilled deep value investors and unfettered access to the latest insights in the shipping community. Some of our features:

  • Access to a top-tier research-driven community
  • Weekly market updates and 'top value' opportunites
  • Quarterly review of dozens of preferred equity and bonds
  • Yearly portfolio and trade tracking along with valuation updates
  • First look at all developing ideas and news reports
  • Near-instant update on all trades and new positions
  • Personal message/email access to J Mintzmyer
  • First look exclusive access to macro reports by James Catlin
  • Access to leading international ideas by Ian Bezek
  • Industrials and Midstream coverage from Michael Boyd
  • Access to a live chat board 24/7
  • Numerous pair trade and short/hedge opportunities

Although we've increased the pricing multiple times over the past two years, the service has continue to increase both the quality and quantity of exclusive content. During 2017 alone, members received over 300 exclusive reports and updates. We do a lot of public content, but that represents less than 10% of the analytical work and interaction we provide.