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LNG Markets Rocketing!

|Includes: Golar LNG Limited (GLNG), GLOG, GMLP, NAT, SALT, TGP, TK

LNG spot rates are soaring in Asia, recent spot at nearly $12/MMBtu, highest levels since November 2014.

Forward delivery remains in the mid-$11s through at least October.

Breakeven US export is around $7/MMBtu, setting up massive arbitrage opportunities.

Unsurprisingly, shipping spot rates are soaring, sitting at $80-$85k/day for TFDE.

We're set to make a killing in this market. More discussion below. What firms to buy? Find out!

Headlines... Fake News? 

Have you seen the recent LNG headlines? The ones all over mainstream media? Chances are they looked like this:

My...Oh...My... No wonder key LNG stocks went...

But guess what?

Ok. No, not really 'fake,' but let's do some digging... 

Did you see these headlines?

The US Gulf is the Fastest Growing Export Region... If you're a shipper, you HATE selling to Mexico. It's a TERRIBLE route. 

So China is growing with a multiplier of 2.5x and Mexico is shrinking with a multiplier of 0.9x? The global LNG market is set to see soaring volume growth through 2025 (see the NE Asia... Japan drop is already expected). 

Note that not only is 80% of forecast demand outside of China, but any sort of US-China tariff situation only makes other projects look better... Who has all these other projects? Golar LNG (GLNG), is sitting on massive African FLNG proposals, all of which have world-leading economics.

Yes. $4.60 MMBtu breakeven versus the mid-$7s for US-based LNG. I'm buying Golar. Lots of Golar. 

Transport Plays?

How do we think transport plays are doing? The headlines and the stock prices would have you think they're doing poorly. Nope. Killing it. The latest rates are $80-$85k/day for TFDE vessels.

Who's making the biggest killing? Golar LNG (GLNG) and GasLog (GLOG) are...

What else do we like... Teekay LNG Partners (TGP) is drowning in cash flow as new projects come on line and they are set for major distribution guidance in November. Who's going to benefit the most? Teekay Corp (TK).

What does TK need for a huge return? High oil and good LNG markets... We have both. The stock must be on FIRE. Nope:

The lemmings are in control. They've almost all jumped off the cliff. Now's the question... Are we going to back up the truck for stuff like GLNG, TGP, TK, or jump off the cliff as well?


We See 'Fake News' Often. Eventually Markets Correct.

Through our private research group, Value Investor's Edge, we've seen almost all of it... I've seen absolute crap getting pumped up and peddled- stuff like Nordic American Tankers (NAT) selling for $12 while the CEO crooned over CNBC and peddled risky junk to the masses. 

We've also seen absolutely unbelievable value opportunities. Golar LNG Partners (GMLP) at $7.70 in December 2015, more than a triple-bagger in a year. Scorpio Bulkers (SALT) at $2.95 and debt (NYSE:SLTB) at $9.10. Both nearly triples as well. 

Pendulums swing both ways. We're fundamentally minded, which doesn't always make for super-fast trades like the $9.95/m 'get-rich-quick' programs, but with our group of over 400 deep value and income investors you'll have integrity and facts-based research. 

LNG Markets On Fire... What's Next?

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