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Bones The Daredevil in the Mold

A botched bike stunt leaves the remains of a BMX rider on a warehouse roof. Hodgins and the team at the lab investigate the skeleton's multiple fractures, while Brennan and Booth interview the other stunt participants. Elsewhere, Sweets once again asks Booth's advice about Daisy, and Booth comes to a decision about Hannah.
BMX rider remains were discovered on the roof of the warehouse is not a stunt bike. While Brennan and Booth question the victim's fellow drivers, Hodgins and sweetened a "squint" Fisher has identified a number of fractures in the bone structure of the victim, Angela and creates a series of events that led to fatal accidents. Sweets at the same time Booth turns to advice from his relationship with Daisy and Booth makes a decision, his relationship with Hannah.
Stunt Bike a fudge out of the house of a BMX rider on a roof of a warehouse. Hodgins and laboratory staff investigate multiple bone fractures, while Brennan and Booth interview participants from other cascades. In other places, Sweets again asking for advice on stand Daisy and Booth arrive at a decision to Hannah.

Watch Bones Season 6 Episode 13 (S06E13, Daredevil is a mold) with the exception of February 10, 2011. We can see the sweet and Seeley to get serious about their relationship in this episode ..

Preview the video or promoting Bones Season 6 Episode 13 (The Daredevil, Mold) was released by FOX. But I'll put the summary of Youtube, you can see below. You can see Seeley taking a kind of engagement ring, one wonders if he has doubts about his love for Hannah

Some spoilers and synopsis: The remains of a BMX rider is on the roof of a warehouse after a failed stunt attempt. The team investigating the accident and determine he was killed by a blunt object, shows he was murdered. Candy asks Booth for advice when he plans to propose Daisy, while Booth is an important gesture showing his devotion to Hannah ..

Bones Season 6 Episode 13 "Daredevil is a must" on the air next Thursday, February 10. A day before the Super Natural: Unforgiven. If you missed the previous period (girls sin), you can watch the whole episode through a Fox official website ..

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