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Nikita Latest Episode Title: The Next Seductio

Nikita says CWTV not the first supernatural drama, this project builds

on the original French film La Femme Nikita. It tells the story of two

murderers murderess and a secret government organization goes rogue,

and a new murderess, who is training to replace the old.

Season 1 Episode 14 The next seduction NIKITA Sneak Peek: NIKITA RYAN

CONTRACTING FOR MISSION - Ryan (guest star Noah Bean) intercepts a

message to a dangerous weapon next peak in the United States to ask

Nikita Q (Maggie) to help stop the delivery. Nikita discovers that the

man carrying the gun in the country Voss (guest star Matthew Marsden),

a man who was forced to have a relationship with any infiltration of

the Division. She reluctantly takes his alter ego to retrieve the

missile. Meanwhile, Michael (Shane West) interferes with Alex (Lyndsy

Fonseca) a new life with Nathan (guest star Thad Luckinbill).

Nikita The next episode, titled "The Next Seduction" is a bit special

'coz Alex is life outside the four walls of division and it seems that

Michael will try to avoid to be much closer to its neighbor. I

wondered if I could repeat the same tragic love story of Nikita.

Other than that, it seems that Michael has a hunch that Nikita and

Alex have "something" together and looking - see the last scene of

episode 13 Nikita, you'll see why. I really hope to join forces with

them, but it seems his relationship with the Head of the Division is

much deeper than their affections to the agent at a time. By the way,

this episode will air Thursday night, just after The Vampire Diaries,

the February 10, 2011 at 9:00 pm ET.

Here is a summary of the current season Nikita 1 Episode 14 -

Seduction Next:

Ryan intercepted information about a dangerous new weapon to come to

the United States and asks Nikita to help prevent birth. Nikita

discovers that the man carrying the gun at home Voss, a man forced to

Division to have a relationship with any undercover work. She

reluctantly takes his alter ego to prevent the missile to be

delivered. Meanwhile, Michael interfere with Alex's relationship with


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