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COOL's NBA Game May Have Limited Appeal

|Includes: PolarityTE, Inc. (COOL)

COOL announced its new NBA game for the Kinect platform this week. They also released a trailer, which can be found on

I think the concept is very innovative. The idea of using an object (in this case, a basketball) as the primary focus of the Kinect controller could take COOL in many directions going forward.

In this case though, I have to wonder how many Kinect owners are going to buy into the idea of bouncing a ball in the house. It really comes down to demographics (i.e. how many Kinects are used by children vs the device in a room large enough to facilitate dribbling a ball...and how many devices sit in a nice living room versus a basement or garage).

Personally, I picture a lot of parents and a lot of nice living rooms where basketball bouncing is not allowed. If so, the game's appeal could prove limited, serving as a drag on the stock. Thus, I'm inclined to take some off the table here.

But I could be wrong. Let me know...

Disclosure: I am long COOL.