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Feb. 05, 2011 5:03 AM ETLIVE, THE, CLUB
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Student’s favourite The 100 Club faces closure by Christmas due to the rental rates being massively increased around the centre of London over the last few years.

Yes dear friends these are often odious times, when we hear of things which make us proud to live or visit London come under serious threat for no good reason. The latest anomaly to strike the English capital is the very real but unimaginable closure of the 100 Club. A music venue of great distinction which sits unobtrusively at 100 Oxford Street, yet is completely immersed in pride due to the musicians, crowds and laissez-faire attitude that have always seen it open its doors and mind to all bands great and small.

When London film maker George McCallum discovered the imminent threat of 100 Club’s closure, he took it upon himself to try and help by creating a mini-documentary which could remind people why, even though we are all so busy, this is something worth caring about and supporting.

It is too late for other great venues like The Astoria and The Metro, but there now only remains a handful of clubs and venues for new bands to play in the heart of London and none quite like The 100 Club. Filmmaker George says, “I hope the documentary helps towards reaching the £500,000 target to turn it into a non-profit organization. It’s an excellent idea and part of the remit for the club is to have a new band night once a week – this is essential to the future of the club.”

Every day there are new supporters for Save The 100 Club such as Mani, Paul Weller, Frank Black, Sir Mick Jagger, Ray Davies and many more, but it is still not quite enough. Music fans of the world must also show as they did by helping to save BBC 6 Music and toppling last year’s X-Factor to the No.1 Christmas spot that people power is still one of the greatest virtues in Britain and when we all speak as one against injustice, real change does occur.

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