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International Consolidated Companies (INCC): In Play

Let’s start with what we wrote just a few months back:
In other words, while you are a shareholder of a shell stock, your shares are worth little to nothing. But when a private company acquires that shell to go public (i.e. Reverse Merger) your shares are worth much more than previously.”
Today those words have led us to discover an upcoming opportunity in International Consolidated Companies, Inc (INCC)
After almost a year of dead-silence INCC came out with a number of SEC filings on beneficial ownership:
See more at 
INCC standing on Florida Secretary of State site is “Active”.
Coincidently (or not?) INCC‘s website was recently updated with new information.
All of this points to one and the same. The company is cleaning up their share structure! According to the company’s CEO they are preparing SEC filings that will make INCC current on (pinksheets).
Ask yourself – if not for the sake of stakeholders, why would INCC spend time & money in updating their listing? This says that maybe, just maybe, something big is coming. Quickly re-read our piece about reverse mergers (at the top). Are you starting to see what we see?
We see an excellent opportunity to capitalize on a potential breakout stock before the crowd finds out about it. Who is the crowd? It’s the group of traders and investors that put profits in your pocket. Don’t be a part of those who chase on momentum after a big news release. Remember that the early bird gets the worm. That’s precisely what we’re planning on.
Need more? Call Uccello Antonio (INCC‘s CEO) at 941 330-0252. Of course we can’t promise that he will spill the beans, right?

penny stock INCCINCC’s contact info:
International Consolidated Companies, Inc.
8191 Tamiami Trail
Suite 104
Sarasota, FL 34243
Phone: (941) 330-0252
Fax: (941) 330-0252