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Jammin Java Corp. (JAMN): going “short” next week

Remember PSH’s momentum-based short trading idea for Lithium Exploration Group (OTCPK:LEXG)?

New one for your consideration is: Jammin Java Corp. (JAMN).

JAMN’s stock closed at $5.42 for today’s session representing $374M market cap for the company with ZERO cash in hands & $2.5M recent financing at $.40/share…

Well, take a look at the following statements (Form 8-K):

Jammin Java Corp. (“Jammin Java” or the “Company”) has recently become aware of various unauthorized and unaffiliated internet stock promoters who are promoting short-term investments in the Company’s common stock in their “stock reports” and on their websites. Such websites often suggest significant short-term profits can be made by purchasing the Company’s common stock. Pursuant to language on such websites, the promoters have been paid by third parties of the Company with whom the Company has no knowledge or affiliation. The Company takes no responsibility for any information such as described above, which is put out by non-affiliated third parties or for any information which is paid for by third parties and further takes no responsibility to update or correct such information.
The Company further cautions the public about unauthorized stock promotion campaigns touting short term investments in the Company’s common stock which are paid for by third parties without the involvement, knowledge, consent, or participation of the Company.

Sounds familiar, aren’t they? Face control…

OK, to make long story short – watch for PSH’s “big short” alert on Twitter next week…

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