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What is good to buy in this market?

|Includes: AOL, Nokia Corporation (NOK), OPEN


We are not talking about supermarket – where it is good to buy vegetables, fruits, and meats. Instead, we are talking about today’s stock market. What are some of the supreme stock picks today? What is good to buy when you are hungry for money? Let’s look at some of the stocks below.
The menu has three choices: NOK, AOL, and OPEN
1. Nokia Corporation (symbol: NOK)
Recently, the CEO of Nokia announced that the company will use Microsoft’s operating system on its smartphones. The stock had dropped more than 10% in one day. Nokia, the largest cellphone maker, is actually partnered with Microsoft? Yes, but what is wrong with that? People start panicking because this is one of the negative news at this moment. When you look at the long run, Nokia (symbol: NOK) is a great buy – an excellent dividends stock, low price, and great potential in the future. This temporary drop in its stock price is nothing. This stock should be a buy.
2. AOL Inc. (symbol: AOL)
AOL is used to be one of the largest online providers a decade ago. When you received an e-mail, you will hear “you’ve got mail.” What is happening to the company now? AOL recently acquired the Huffington Post, the Internet newspapers website, for $315 million. You might think: “What… does it worth a $315 million?” Well, AOL has been doing serious online services for more than 30 years. If this acquisition will help AOL to expand its network, then AOL is making a good bet to acquire the Huffington Post for $315 million. In the long run, the stock will go up despite the recent 15% drop. This stock should be a buy.
3. OpenTable (symbol: OPEN)
OpenTable, an online real-time restaurant reservation service, definitely has its potential to go up in the future. The company is founded by Chuck Templeton in San Francisco in 1998. Think about this: If the users are free to use the website to reserve a seat at a restaurant, then why not using it. As predicted, most people are too lazy to wait for a seat at the restaurant; therefore, this online restaurant reservation system is very good for most users. The website benefits itself and many restaurants. OpenTable will expand internationally; thus, its stock price should be up in the long run. This stock should be a buy.
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