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Notable Stock Picks [Wednesday April 6 2011]

|Includes: BBBY, Monsanto Company (MON), RT, WDFC
1. Bed, Bath and Beyond (symbol: BBBY)
Year first opened: 1971
Estimated numbers of employees: 39,000
BBBY is basically a chain of domestic (United States and Canada) merchandise retail stores selling items for kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom.
From Prophet Chart (Symbol: BBBY)
As you can see the chart (1-year chart) above, it reaches its short-term resistance at around 49. I do not believe this stock will be able to go up and break that resistance level. Therefore, the best place to buy this stock at around 43.50.
2. Monsanto Company (symbol: MON)
Year first opened: 1901
Estimated number of employees: 21,400
MON is a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. It is the leading producer of genetically engineered seeds.
From Prophet Chart (symbol: MON)
As you can see the chart (2-year chart) above, MON reaches the 2-year resistance level at 74.50. It is unlikely to break this resistance level; thus, I predict this stock will be down to 68.50. It is best to buy at 67.50, hold, and sell at 84.50.
MON website:
3. Ruby Tuesday (symbol: RT)
Year first opened: 1972
Estimated number of employees: 35,200
RT is an American restaurant chain. It has stores in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and 13 foreign countries. There are over 700 stores.
From Prophet Chart (symbol: RT)
This is actually a pretty good graph. As you can see the chart (4-year chart) above, there is an uptrend channel from year 2010 to present. In addition, now is just at the lower point of the channel… that means a good buy at 12.50, hold, and sell at 19.50. I predict this stock will go up to 19.50.
4. WD-40 Company (symbol: WDFC)
Year first opened: 1953
Estimated number of employees: 280
WD-40 is known for its water-displacing spray for various household uses. The spray prevents corrosion. Its products are in more than 160 countries around the world.
From Prophet Chart (symbol: WDFC)
This chart (2-year chart) shows an uptrend; however, the trend is narrower as time passes. I assume that once this stock breaks this trend at around 45, then it will go up quite high. To be safe, place a sell stop at 40 or even 39. This is a good stock overall – would buy now.
WDFC website:

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