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Update: EQ Indicator - July 2017

A detailed description of the EQ indicator can be found here.

Links to other investing indicators can be found here and on my Instablog.

The EQ Indicator closed June at 0.71, indicating current price levels are only mildly above-average for the amount of financial capital flowing into the economy, despite ongoing fears the market is severely over-priced.

The charts shows the EQ indicator alongside the S&P 500 over the past 4 years and 28 years, respectively.

Indicator values below zero indicate the stock market has outpaced new money entering the economy, and the market is in dangerous territory. An indicator value of 1.0 represents the average for the past 50 years, and indicates a potential for average market growth. An indicator of 2.0 and above is a very bullish sign and indicates a potential for above-average market growth.