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Sanmina Should Be Bought Out

|Includes: AAPL, AMZN, FB, Sanmina Corp (SANM)

Sanmina has a global supply chain intact.

Sanmina has a trained workforce intact.

Sanmina could be an easy solution to a very complexe problem:

The problem being how can a Google, Amazon, Apple or facebook etc.cut it's hardware costs & assemble hardware in the quickest and most efficient manner by leveraging their own stock value.

The market is currently undervaluing Sanmina over trade concerns etc.

Global logistical supply chain:

Global Services & Logistics - Sanmina

State of the art manufacturing capabilities:

Sanmina Technology - Sanmina

Total assembly solutions:

Solutions - Sanmina

Global assembly locations:

Locations - Sanmina

The latest assembly methodologies:

Sanmina Technology - Sanmina

Trained personnel that does not need a lag time to get up to speed:

Services - Sanmina

A built in diversified cross section of the economy supplier:

Industries - Sanmina

Solid financial position:

Sanmina Corporation - Investor Relations - Overview

A summation of Sanmina's current and past financial position:

Sanmina Corporation - Investor Relations - Financial

In summary this is Sanmina's 3rd qtr filing presentation:

I believe that NOW is an exceptional opportunity for a major tech corp to solve one if the biggest problems they have: transitioning from being solely a software company to a combined software and hardware entity without the enormous costs of doing so as well as the inherent vulnerabilities in terms of security, IP security etc... and the added bonus of sidestepping the major downside potential of a trade war and or regional war in Asia which would create havoc and massive profit losses. 

For ,106 % of Apple's current depressed valuation or ,2 % of Amazon's current depressed valuation or ,4 % of Facebook's depressed valuation. 

In short--- it would be a bargain. 

Disclosure: I am/we are long SANM.

Additional disclosure: I have been and am currently a shareholder of Sanmina, off and on since 2013