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importance of e-books, what we learn from them?

     Most novice authors of electronic books fall into stupor in researching the question: "What should be the ideal volume of my future e-book?". 

It is considered that a good e-book should be a minimum volume of 80-100 pages typed text. Accordingly, the worst e-book contains from 2 to 20 stranitsi.Sredno situation does not exist. 

Which is correct? 

I tell you honestly, these comments are false and completely false.Too bad that most authors forget e-books for one undeniable and not unreasonable rule: 

"No matter how many pages printed text will contain эlektronnata your book (5, 10, 100 and more)! Importantly, it gives comprehensive information to the reader in question in matters! " 

If the author can develop a theme, or to resolve an issue understandable, using no more than 10-20 sheets of printed text, it is very good! If the amount of leaves are more, even better! 

In his practice, I've seen very small volume эlektronni books from 10-20 pages, typed text, but despite the small size, they also reveal the nature described in these problems and show how their solution! 

At the same time there are many эlektronni books with enough impressive volume, but in the end of such books does not make sense. They convey "pass between the drops" without giving the necessary information, offsetting the good style of writing. 

Very often the following scenario. The author has written a useful commercial e-book. Its volume consists of only 15 pages, but so what pages! There is nothing superfluous, everything short and clear on the subject. The author decided to sell his book, for example to $ 10. In this pop up in his mind the following thoughts: 

"My book costs 10 dollara, it has 15 pages. It turns out that for each page purchaser pays 66 cents. Super! The pages in the book are a little volume of the book too. I'll be a shame to want $ 10 for this volume. Let us increase the volume of the book some more. Then everything will be alright! » 
Such thoughts arise in the head of every beginner. After you write your first e-book you will learn to neutralize such thoughts. There is nothing scary. In the past this is a newbie author of electronic books. 

As a rule, increasing the volume of e-book (regardless of whether the form is exe or pdf), at the expense of: 

Increasing the size of the font; 

The use of different graphical эlementi (photographs diagrammi, charts, screenshots, etc.). 

We will examine each of the methods for increasing the volume of e-books a little more detail. 

Method # 1.Uvelichavane volume of e-book by increased size of the font used. 
This is actually not a bad way to increase the volume of эlektronnata book, but must use it sparingly. I will do compared to the book in pdf-format. 

Normal эlektronna book in pdf-format has the following parameters: 

Sheet size A4; 

boundaries of the field: on the right - 1.5 cm, below-1.5 cm from the top - 2 cm, left - 3 cm; 

font used TimeNewRoman; 

font size - 12-14th level; 

used single-space. 

The creation of electronic books in pdf-format with such parameters will always be professionally landscaped appearance as the monitor screen and in printed form. In this case it is not important whether the book will have 10 or 100 pages of text. 

What do some of novice authors to increase the volume of their e-books? 

They change the page parameters, namely, its boundaries set by each indentation of 3 cm then modify the text font size by placing 14 and over. 

What happens when such changes? 

The result is the transformation of e-book, consisting initially of 15 pages formatted classic text in the super-monster book consisting of 40-45 pages! So in purchasing will appear feeling that is deceptive, because you will understand that the book is artificially increased in volume. 

And most interesting is that I have already met not one book, the volume is increased by this principle. Larger font larger volume. 

It is important to remember the following rule: 

"Regardless of how many pages contain your эlektronna book, it must have attractive appearance, both эkrana monitor and in razpechatan kind." 

Method # 2. Increasing the volume of эlektronnata book account using different graphical эlementi (photographs diagrammi, charts, screenshots, etc.). 

This is a relatively convenient method for increasing the volume of e-book, provided that the graphical elements help the reader to absorb better the background material. In most cases, the authors do exactly what is right. 

But it is possible and vice versa. 

I'll give you an example. How would you away, if you have purchased e-book on repair of cars in which there is no explanation or image contains many graphic images will not make any sense? 

I guess I'll be disappointed and would definitely send an angry letter to the author of the e-book. Buying a book would have left only negative emotions and razochorovaniya. 

It is necessary to remember the following simple rule: 

«Эlektronnata book must contain graphic images that are meaningful, consistent with the evolving topic, and help the reader to absorb better background material!" 

Based on the writings we can derive three important conclusions. 

# 1. Эlektronnata book must contain the typed text as many pages as necessary to develop the idea put forward in it. 

# 2.When designing your book stick to the rules for forming the text documents, which will give your work a professional look. 

# 3. Each included graphical element (photography, screenshot, chart, etc.) must have a meaningful character .. 

What do you think on the matter? What should be the volume of an e-book created for commercial purposes?