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The Smartphone / Tablet Revolution Has Begun

|Includes: ARM Holdings, plc (ARMH)

Three separate articles came out over the weekend extolling the virtues of the ubiquitous smartphone.  If you don't have an iPhone, Blackberry or Droid-enabled device, you are shifting into the minority.

This article from CBS Marketwatch highlights the development of FONE, and exchange traded fund developed by First Trust Advisors.  The fund started trading on Friday.

This article by Tiernan Ray highlights the "Year of Too Many Tablet Computers" which to me will slowly morph into a smartphone tablet combination before the year is over (iPad 2 with a Verizon wireless contract perhaps?).

Cody Willard on has an article titled Top 5 reasons why you have to invest in apps right now.  More fuel for the smartphone / tablet revolution fire.  They all need apps, whether Apple or Droid-based.  

I believe the PC software market will slowly deteriorate with the advent of these cool little apps.  Where most are free, many are $1, and an expensive app is $20, that $180 Intuit Quickbooks and $275 Microsoft Office will soon be replaced by cheaper versions that are equally as effective.

One of my favorite stocks in this tablet / smartphone / app revolution is ARM Holdings (NASDAQ:ARMH).  Interestingly enough, here is a list of brokerages that have downgraded ARM in the past 12 months:

Jul 19, 2010   The Benchmark Company    Sell
Jun 10, 2010  DA Davidson                    Underperform
Apr 29, 2010  Jefferies                          Underperform
Apr 12, 2010  Citigroup                         Sell
Mar 31, 2010  Deutsche Bank                 Hold
Mar 15, 2010  UBS                            Neutral

Hope you don't rely on any of the above firms' recommendations for individual stocks.  You would have missed out on between 100-200% gains.  Oops!